Federico Cina is a brand founded in 2019 with one great ambition: becoming a leading brand in the tailoring world by bringing sophisticated and elegant looks on the catwalk, that describe the romantic essence of the history and culture of Romagna.

From the collections emerge deep connections to the designer’s native land: thanks to a continuous dialogue between generations of the past and present, Romagna history and culture make unique the brand aesthetic.

Federico Cina explores the classic tailoring world with a romantic and refined touch based on an experimental approach to materials and colors, with a unique and state-of-the-art style. The brand spirit is constantly surrounded by a nostalgic and sentimental atmosphere: a deep sensitivity aimed at enhancing the artisanal aspect, reinterpreting the traditional male silhouette through a new concept of elegance.

Collection Fall Winter 2021/22 - “A EMILIA"


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