IMjiT35020 is the trademark of the artisan workshop of Due Carrare, in the province of Padua, an artisan experience dedicated to the manufacture of made-to-measure jeans and selected productions to order. IMjiT is the acronym for IMpresa jeans iTalia, while 35020 is the zip code of Due Carrare where the jeans are packaged. The denims used are of Italian and Japanese production, all in the name of craftsmanship. Everything is strictly Italian, in fact every step is carried out within the company. The entire production process of a garment takes over 6 hours; between adaptation and arrangement of the model, cutting, sewing and making, denim takes shape after more than 60 steps and thanks to the production capacity of specialized collaborators. The research field of the laboratory is reflected in the creation of strictly selvedge jeans, shirts and jackets. The choice of the garments to buy is taken care of in the smallest details: we start with the choice of the model among those produced by IMjiT35020, we try on the finished garments to see the fit, the model is then modified for ad hoc. Once this first phase has been completed, a series of fabrics of different weights, colors and origins are proposed, all selvedge. An example is the 12OZ barbed Blue Selvadge, produced in Bovolenta (PD), in old mechanical looms from the 1950s.


Website IMJIT35020.COM
Instagram  @imjit35020

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