Mundane is a brand born from the mind of Luca Di Fabio, an Italian musician who emigrated to the United States in 2014 with an immense passion for style and clothes. In 2019 Luca decides to launch a brand that can give voice and space to all those designers whose style does not conform to current canons. The brand acts as a platform and speaker for artists out of the ordinary, first of all, the designer and fashion craftsman Jacopo Peca, who, with innovative techniques and unique style, designs with Luca the first collection exclusively for Mundane, which ranges from very rare pieces of denim reconstructed and reinvented to leather jackets, sweatshirts and T-shirts decorated with precious embroidery and patchwork. Other artists such as the Swedish Roxenstone and the Parisian Kaparda later merged into the brand. All communication and editorial services are also managed by the creative branch of the brand or a digital magazine and production house called Mundane Magazine which deals with publishing "edgy" and out of the ordinary musicians, creatives and artists, and offering them a community of as many creatives for their editorial needs.

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