Reflect Eyewear was founded in East London in 2018 by Andrea Pisano and international house DJ Francesco del Garda; expertly hand-crafted in Italy by experienced artisans, Reflect Eyewear merges bold and experimental silhouettes, inspired by the underground club culture with the highest quality material. 
Durable, cutting edge and yet timeless, Reflect Eyewear sunglasses are designed to be an expression of the wearer’s personality - an everyday statement made to be worn now and forever.
Andrea grew up in his family-run laboratory in Varese near Milan. 
Son of an artisan, who develops products for the biggest eyewear multinationals, he soon developed a passion for designing frames. 
When he moved to Ibiza first and then London, Andrea discovered and
become passionate about the underground club scene and its distinctive apparel.
Soon afterwards, followed his first forays into fashion. 
As a result of these experiences, Andrea decided to create an eyewear brand with Francesco.
The goal was to create a brand combining optical excellence and Andrea’s family heritage with timeless yet innovative designs, that could appeal to everyone looking for a distinctive style. 
Reflect Eyewear was launched in June 2018 in Barcelona on the occasion of Sónar, the city’s electronic music festival. 
In June 2019, to mark the launch of the ‘Color’ collection, Reflect Eyewear presented an installation with elements of wood and mirrors at the luxury designer store LABOUTIK during London Fashion Week. 
Reflect Eyewear glasses are created with high-end acetate by Mazzucchelli and
quality lenses produced by Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens and Divel Italia to provide maximum comfort and eye protection. 
Every pair of glasses is made in the family-run laboratory in Varese, by artisans with over 30 years of experience in the field. 
The first exclusive design - AF4 in orange - was realized for Maison Operative in January 2019 and the latest collaboration - AF13 in black with two-toned lenses designed to be worn 24hr or in poor light conditions - is sold exclusively at Mayfair’s luxury retailer Layers. 

This collection is strongly influenced by the lifestyle in big cities and London in particular, where the weather is unpredictable and the underground widely used.
In response to these quickly changing light conditions, the sunglasses in the Metropolis collection feature clear 24hr lenses or two-toned lenses with a dark upper and a clear bottom. Both types of lenses offer eye protection while not compromising on visibility and enhancing the
frames’ distinctiveness. 

Inspired by Cornwall, the collection features smooth shapes and earthy colors. 
The model AF16 Land’s End comes in green acetate and is rounded to recall the telescopes that populate Land’s End, mainland Britain’s most westerly point, where sea and sky meet at the end of the horizon. 
The shape of the model AF17 Newquay recalls the surfing board that populate the beach of the namesake Cornish village. 
The model AF18 St.Ives features green hues that celebrate St Ives’ nature. 
The town’s lively art scene also served as a source of inspiration, which translates into a vibrant red color used throughout the collection. All the models in the Cornwall collection feature light brown lenses inspired by the county’s sublime beaches.



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