VANADIO23 is a young Italian fashion brand founded in Milan by Andrea Semeghini where fashion meets the language of the figurative arts in an unexpected embrace, starting from the idea of ​​physically wearing a work of art. Vanadio23 created its first collection in 2017 with a selection of 10 jackets, all unique pieces, featuring a hand-painted patch of the best Italian lambskin. The jackets with a strong workwear inspiration and exaggerated volumes become the support of the works signed by the artist VANADIO23. Subsequently, with the idea of ​​opening up to a wider, more accessible market and being more competitive on the market, he developed his first ready-to-wear collection in 2018 where the motif of the painting instead of being directly created on the garment is digitally printed directly on the leather. The themes will remain the classic ones dear to the artist: a wild anthropological bestiary with echoes of the Italian figurative painting tradition, pervaded by romanticism and sensuality. Thus two collections follow one another, one SS19 and one FW19. The name VANADIO23 owes its origin to the material used for the creation of work tools, a reference to that workwear inspiration which pervaded the first collection and which has always represented the brand's DNA. Indicated on the periodic table with the symbol V23 characterized by a soft pink color, a shade of excellence in the painter's palette.

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