VAVA Eyewear is a brand that produces avant-garde designer sunglasses and eyeglasses. The look is contemporary, subtly futuristic, conceptual and timeless. VAVA tries to promote a dialogue between craftsmanship and high technology, using the most advanced technologies. This approach, combined with the use of the highest quality materials, makes VAVA unique, employing pure lines, basic shapes, simplified design and, ultimately, raceless, genderless and ageless social progress. VAVA is inspired by minimalism and the Bauhaus movement, drawing inspiration from artists such as Sol Lewitt, Malevich or Josef Albers. The imagery is minimalist, where aesthetics are the result of removing the genre. The great challenge is to eliminate unnecessary compositional elements, ornaments and romanticism, to build a neutral genre. The unisex philosophy is naturally affiliated with the brand's DNA. Glasses embody deceleration, purism and metaphysics. The protection conferred by glasses from a hostile environment (pollution, dust, UV, etc.) is not only physical, but also spiritual, allowing for a certain amount of asceticism and renunciation. VAVA designs a conscious future, a world of high-tech solutions that exploits all the possibilities of technology to make zero waste and environmental awareness possible. VAVA is a conscious design: there is the use of ecological Mazzucchelli acetate, 100% biodegradable and recyclable, Barberini crystal lenses, 100% recyclable, produced in Italy in Zero-Waste plants. Eco-friendly aluminum, 100% recyclable. All VAVA products are created in family-run Italian factories, located in the Treviso area. As for the frame, VAVA designs are influenced by Bauhaus and minimalism. Simple shapes such as square, rectangle, circle and triangle are used. The concept is closely linked to the "post-industrial" society in which we live and to the growing conviction of belonging to a "post-human" era. It is played around people's imagination and "science fiction". The unisex figure helps create a minimal silhouette and a monochromatic figure. Regarding the hinge of the glasses, VAVA was inspired by the SOL LEWITT structures originating from the cube. The basic building blocks of the American artist's three-dimensional works, related to conceptual art and minimalism, have influenced minimalism in fashion and also VAVA. Inside the CUBE a CYLINDER rotates in a fully integrated mechanism. It is a cube produced by a high quality industrial cutting process. Aerospace aluminum is used, super light material with great physical and mechanical properties. The brand is unique in the use of flat lenses across the range, such as those of the 1980s, where geometric flat shapes were considered fashionable.



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