BRANDS September 16th, 2022


The success of your future e-commerce comes from a perfect match.

dAgency supports brands toward easy and functional e-commerce solutions, combining a strong technological focus with effective visual communication, thanks to the potential of the Shopify Plus platform.

dAgency offers e-commerce solutions on Shopify platform to build new digital stores or migrate platform, with a focus on design, graphics and UX/UI- representing the core of the agency. The variety of skills and deep understanding of UX, technology and web design enables the company to come up  with solid and functional proposals, where each project falls in a natural evolution that ultimately delivers a perfectly tailored e-commerce experience. 

Shopify is a leading IT infrastructure provider for commerce that offers tools to start, manage, and grow a business of any size. Shopify makes commerce better for everyone through a platform and services with high standards of reliability. At the same time, it provides a better shopping experience for consumers worldwide. Millions of businesses in more than 175 Countries around the world rely on Shopify. Active in Italy since 2019, Shopify has clients such as Velasca, Manebì, Alessi and MC2 Saint Barth in its portfolio.