JUN20th 12:00/13:00

WORKSHOP: Upcycle your Jeans with Nicoló Puccini

Nicolò Puccini founded his own brand in 2015 starting from the customization of vintage denim and then expanded his work to all clothing pieces, promoting uniqueness, quality and sustainability.

The aim of the workshop is to rework a pair of old jeans by measuring it, wearing it and painting it, thus giving a new life to the garment.

MATERIAL NEEDEDTailor's tape measure, fabric scissors, fabric paints, color palette, gloves, wire brush, knives + a jeans from your closet.


You can follow the workshop in streaming or come visit at Fondazione Sozzani Tazzoli in via Tazzoli 3, Milano.
Remember! Due to covid restrictions, space and capability are limited.