ARTICHOKE BAGS is the brand dedicated to great travelers and all those who always live on the move, a sustainable brand in which a contemporary aesthetic accompanies the product's functional aspect.

How and when was ARTICHOKE BAGS born?

"As a professional golfer, I was lucky enough to visit over 60 countries and four continents, thus becoming an experienced traveler but frustrated, continually struggling with suitcases too small or too heavy, too uncomfortable or too ugly. Artichoke was born in 2018 to make traveling more comfortable and relaxing, thanks to the right luggage."

What is the brand's DNA, and what does the name you have chosen for this project mean? 

"Our goal is to help people travel because we think the trip is the only good you "buy and make you richer". In doing so, we try to be sustainable, using abandoned sails as a material, producing in Italy, and enhancing the work of the artisans who make our backpacks. The name of the brand comes from the image that suggested the prototype backpack. Once stripped of the outer casing, it revealed the "good" part with all the clothes and the internal shelving, a bit like it happens with artichokes. The whole team is very fond of artichokes, and we found that Artichoke in English is the same word in different languages and some Italian dialects. I mean, it was destiny."

What values drive your work? What does "being sustainable" mean to you?

"We try to help people discover the world, different cultures, and open their minds by traveling. We add the search for sustainability to this value, so our backpacks' production does not weigh on the environment; we use the material that would otherwise end up in a landfill. By making a quick calculation, we have already saved more than 5,000 square meters of sails. Another critical factor for us, we produce everything in Italy in laboratories carefully selected for their quality, so our backpacks can last many years and do not have to be continuously replaced."

What sails do you use for backpacks, how are they found, and where does the production occur?

"We use recycled sails of different types, from white Dacron sails of cruise boats to carbon fiber laminate sails from racing boats. They are light and durable, performing materials, perfect for producing backpacks of all kinds. The sails we use mainly come from Trieste, a city famous for the sea and sailing boat's culture. Once we find the sails with which to produce the backpacks, we choose the best parts and take them to Cittadella, a small town in the province of Padua. There we have established an excellent relationship with a manufacturer of bags and backpacks that has been making the best quality products to export worldwide for decades."

What do you have for White's WSM project?

"Our entire backpack collection. The star of the event will probably be the newcomer "Siena," created during the pandemic for everyday travel. Another attractive model is the travel backpack with internal shelving, which is the first that we have created for actual travelers, making us famous. Then there will be the trekking version with asymmetrical closure, studied and produced in collaboration with Andrea Price (Arch Ind), a young backpack manufacturer whose small workshop is located in Val di Zoldo. Finally, the "Everyday" backpack, born on the Island of Giglio, created to carry beach towels, books, and goggles on the island's rocks, passing through the small paths that run along with it far and wide."



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