Barròco is a digital platform born in 2018 with the intention of supporting Italian artisan workshops and producers, helping them to obtain the success and international visibility that are due to the garments that express the best Made in Italy, inextricably linked to values such as savoir-faire, refinement and quality.
Selected by Barroco, we meet the brand Cruna 

Alessandro Fasolo, CEO and Co-founder of Cruna, a company specialized in men’s trousers 100% Made in Italy answers our questions. 

Tell us about your journey and how your brand came about.

Cruna is a fashion company specialized in men’s trousers. We started in 2013, when my business partner Tommaso and I, then 27-year-olds made a bit joking around a bit with intuition the first Cruna trousers. We wanted to have a garment that we liked wearing, high quality, young, fresh and innovative that could stand out from the trousers that were then on the market. At the time I was a business management consultant and Tommaso an account manager, so we were already on the road to meet companies and to establish relationships. We wanted a comfortable garment, to make up for the long hours traveling, but above all, polished trousers to wear from morning to night, suitable to meet customers and at the same time ideal for an evening aperitif with friends or a nice dinner with our partners. This is how the Cruna trousers were born, choosing the best fabrics and accessories, strictly Made in Italy, to which we wanted to combine the technical and stylistic innovation of a product that aims to meet the needs of modern and dynamic men. The Cruna (eye of the needle), embroidered on the right pocket of each trouser, is the symbol of quality craftsmanship that joins innovation.

How do you carry tradition forward while still keeping up with the times? 

Our roots are in Veneto, a territory whose beauty inspired us from the beginning. The green hills, the high Dolomites, the endless streams of water in the lagoon and the many rivers that flow between the works of art of the Palladio is he panorama our company looks out on. The natural elegance that surrounds us pervades our garments: refined, elegant and timeless. Our style, however, has an international vocation, designed for a contemporary and cosmopolitan man. We developed Cruna to brin a natural elegance to garments, aimed at enhancing an instinctively Italian style, but international by vocation. Our trousers are produced by the skilled hands of artisans and the short chain allows us to control every single step, interrupt it at any time, study it, understand it and improve it together with the artisan. Innovation is a key principle of our identity we are always looking for new inspiration and explore global trends. Even in this year of radical change, we have kept on with the process of evolution and adaptation, without opposing it. 2020, in fact, accelerated the phenomenon of casualisation, resulting in a decline in the demand for formal and eveningwear in favour of informal clothing, further influenced by remote working. At Cruna we have met this demand by launching the new line ACTIVE, choosing to move away from sportswear, away from our corporate soul, and instead approaching the smart casual concept, i.e. products with a formal- informal look, made with high-tech materials, super comfortable, cutting edge and with international zest. 

What are your iconic pieces which characterise the brand and how did they come about?

Cruna was established as a trouser specialist and we have always been recognized for this. Our entrepreneurial project could be defined as "from bottom to up", a stylistic research that starts from the trousers, the core of men’s clothing, followed by garments such as unstructured jackets, overshirts and zip jackets, designed to complete the look and dress the Cruna man. Our Iconic models like the Mitte, the Marais or the Raval have made us into trousers specialists with products designed to dress different body shapes as well as different everyday needs. Customers often tell us that they known us for a type of trousers, with its impeccable fit, and only after become attached to our other innovative pieces, like the jackets and shirts, specifically designed to complete the look. The Mitte model needs special attention. A carrot fit trousers with an elastic and drawstring, launched five years ago, when sportswear and activewear weren’t so popular. Customers fell in love with the fit and particularly with the comfort of our drawstring, soft fitting on the crotch and tight on the bottom, typical of a modern and dynamic style. Since then the Mitte has continued to evolve with new proposals, from the elastic that can be hidden to the latest entry the Mitte2, without drawstring and elasticated only on the back of the waist in order to ensure maximum comfort, while maintaining a clean and polished image on the front.

Which of those artisan techniques which form part of your heritage do you still use today? 

We continue a high quality traditional craftsmanship process, from the selection of fabrics to manufacturing, to quality control carried out on our garments. A pair of high quality textile trousers is a garment that can last forever. This is, in our opinion, true sustainability. The stylistic tradition, instead, is a precious source of inspiration, revisited in a contemporary and innovative way to bring a refined taste to our garments. Just look at our new Fall Winter 2021 collection, in which the work-wear theme emerges: garments with a heritage and industrial taste, combined with 100% natural and organic fabrics such as firm cottons, moleskins and velvets. The result is a collection with an unprecedented contrast between post-industrial style and 100% natural materials.

What are your projects for the future and what are your strategies to get through this moment? 

Digital transformation will certainly be one of the main driving forces of change in the next coming years. Being forced to work from home, the presentation and sale of new collections through online channels and the multitude of digital touch points have structurally changed our industry. Just think that online sales are expected to become the first sales channel by 2025, weighing 30% of all transactions made in the fashion market. For this reason we’ve decided to invest in this direction, selecting the best digital partners, the ones we believe are the most cohesive with our corporate image. Among them Barròco spokesman of Italian craftsmanship abroad is certainly an important partner. A heartfelt partnership, wanted precisely for the artisanal values we share, quality trait of the Made in Italy. Nonetheless, we also still believe in the recovery of traditional shopping, believing that the store experience and traditional selling are still an essential element in the fashion & luxury industry. Even this channel is bound not to be untouched by 2021 after which, the consumer will probably live the shopping experience differently. The interaction between the physical channel and the digital channel, in fact, has developed the so-called "phygital mindset". This describes the consumer’s new attitude to physical shopping seeing it as experiential: discovering products, testing the quality and being guided by the person in the store to find new brands and styles, whereas online shopping is used mainly for routine and repeat purchases. Based on this principle, we are developing a digital strategy, far from wanting to replace the retail experience, but rather as an enabling tool in order to support our business partners developing a multi channel, allowing us to better communicate our brand values and build customer loyalty.

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