Barròco is a digital platform born in 2018 with the intention of supporting Italian artisan workshops and producers, helping them to obtain the success and international visibility that are due to the garments that express the best Made in Italy, inextricably linked to values such as savoir-faire, refinement and quality
Selected by Barroco, we meet the brand Bresciani 1970

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The leading company in the socks industry is still a family-run business and keeps its unique flexibility and artisanal production.

Tell us about your journey and how your brand came about.

Our father Mario Bresciani founded our family business in 1970. Mario entered the socks business at a young age, as an apprentice in the company Calza Bloch (at the time one of the top companies in Italy). Over the years he acquired technical skills until he became head of department, and in 1970 he decided to make a "big leap" and start his own business. At the beginning he produced only for other brands, especially for famous 80s Italian designers, then he launched his brand, "Lord of the Lords", which then became Bresciani in the mid-80s.

How do you carry tradition forward while still keeping up with the times? 

With passion, research and continual innovation. But especially by keeping the company "open" to the world through collaborations and constant inspiration through traveling and keeping up with the trends. However, the product always comes first. Quality, research and service first and everything else has to follow. 

What are your iconic pieces which characterise the brand and how did they come about?

We specialize mainly in a fine product. Socks produced on machines with 216, 240 and 262 needles with 90/2 cotton, cashmere, cashmere/silk, organzine silk. They were our first items and are still now our flagship products. Timeless products but updated to a contemporary style.

Which of those artisan techniques which form part of your heritage do you still use today? 

Well, 12 production steps still handmade. Since 1970 machines have changed, they are more up-to-date and technological, but the artisan’s “hand” has remained the same, and this is what makes the difference. We’ve had people working in the company for 30 years.

What are your projects for the future and what are your strategies to get through this moment? 

This period is very complicated. Unlike many, we have focused on reinforcing the collaboration with our retailers. We have no direct stores and we have no e-commerce platform. We prefer to maintain strong relationships with a selected circle of shopkeepers and department stores. Among these also online retailers, like Barroco in Italy.

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