Romagna everywhere. For Federico Cina, designer winner of the Who Is On Next contest? 2019, his home country is everything. And you can see it in all its collections: solar, ironic, colorful, and, without a doubt, harmonious. 

What is fashion for you?

"Fashion is an expression of what I want to talk about; every collection is a new chapter in my life."

When and why did you found your brand?

"I founded my brand in January 2019, just when I returned to Romagna, after a few years spent between Florence, Milan, New York, and Osaka. Once I found the balance, I decided to pay tribute to her with my greatest passion after returning to my land: fashion."

Where do you get inspiration when you create?

"For me, Romagna and its traditions are the primary sources of inspiration for creating my collections. I intend to share the values that have always characterized my land from the rest of the world."

How would you describe the collection you're going to present to White?

"The collection entitled "A EMILIA", which I will show on the occasion of the White in Milan, consists of a selection of ready-to-wear garments handcrafted with traditional designs that, in the past, decorated the dining tablecloths of the peasant families of Romagna."

Future projects?

"We will focus on expanding our sales network."


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