What is fashion for you?

"Fashion is a medium to express myself and the way I am observing the life, which is happening around me. It is a platform where I can show my creations and the way I wish to see the surrounding."

When and why did you found your brand?

"I established my namesake label in 2012 shortly after graduating at the fashion bachelor course at Academy of Art and Design Basel. In the beginning all I wished, was to show my very own mise en scene of fashion. After a while, I noticed a lack of meaning in what I was doing and decided to take a break, step back and find a deeper purpose. My purpose today is to show my interpretation of fashion. I believe in a deeper meaning of fashion: a social and environmental conscious consumerism & responsibility."

Where do you get inspiration from when you create?

"My creations reflect what surrounds me, our zeitgeist and my interpretation of it."

How would you describe the collection you will present at White?

"A man who wants silently challenge the status quo with a strong nostalgia of something that still has to happen. Escape to a better place, to get rid of how others see you without knowing which direction to take."

Future projects?

"I am currently working with some artists on few different projects, related with Sandro Marzo. Stay tuned."




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