Tell us about your journey and how your brand reality was conceived.

"I grew up in my dad’s glasses lab, so I’ve been familiar with handmade glasses since I was a child. I have always had a passion for fashion and craftsmanship so, after having lived in London for many years, I decided to create Reflect Eyewear with my friend Francesco, a brand that creates a fusion between the legacy of my father and our passion and ideas, giving life to unique and timeless pieces."

What are your plans for the future and what strategies are you developing to overcome this moment?

"Having spent so much time in lockdown here in London, I had the time and opportunity to be as creative as possible and came up with many interesting ideas. If before my sunglasses expressed the personality and identity of whoever was wearing them now, with the changes in the world and in people, I have started to create different shapes that represent the new identities and personalities this evolving situation we are experiencing has generated. This is the idea behind the new collection "Changes"."

What are the iconic pieces that represent the brand and how were they created?

"Our iconic pieces are the AF2 and the AF4 which have always been the soul of Reflect Eyewear. These models are the union between my passion for unusual shapes and that classic touch that Francesco wanted to keep. Once again, it is a timeless combination and, in our opinion, a winning choice."

How do you maintain traditions and keep up with the times?

"By introducing innovation in the craft itself using technical innovation and modern means of communication, merging a world of traditional values with artistic creativity. We continue to create new and timeless models, which still have a touch of vintage design, using traditional craft techniques so not to ever lose our "handmade" quality, which is our strength."

What are the artisan techniques that are part of your heritage and you still use today?

"Our artisans still use traditional techniques, even those that have been replaced by mass production. All the refining and sanding is done by hand, so each of our pieces is unique, durable and of the highest quality."


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