JOURNAL June 19th, 2021



What is fashion for you?

Fashion is a message to be worn.

When and why did you start the brand?

The Teeshare project was born in 2012 from the desire of fighting the trend that sees companies moving their production abroad, through a Made in Italy product that puts people at the center, recognizing their importance and value.

Three words to describe your work?

Exploration, responsibility and contemporary.

How would you describe the SS 2022 collection you will present at WSM?

Teeshare has no season: it is one of the characteristics that makes it more sustainable. At WSM I propose a collaboration created with the Berlin artist, Sebastian Bieniek, a Doubleshirted, or a garment made from two T-shirts held together by eight safety pins. A double shirt resting on the body.

How is the brand sustainable?

Over the years I have integrated, respecting the productive forces of Teeshare, some key steps to make the collection more and more sustainable. In addition, I use materials with low environmental impact such as GOTS certified organic cotton, end-of-series fabrics and recycled materials. Responsible fashion is a process that takes place in thoughts and actions of sharing, research and the future. For this reason, in 2018 I co-founded Rén, a cultural movement that inspires, informs and promotes sustainability by increasing collective awareness, creating a flow that starts with individuals.


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  What is fashion for you? Fashion is a message to be worn. When ...

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