The Sustainables is headed by Maria and Hanna. Their 10-year experience in the fashion business has led them to a feeling of need to change. The mission is to implement sustainable principles throughout the fashion chain. They work to connect buyers, retailers and innovative suppliers with brands. They support craft and preservation of artisanal techniques within the industry, as well as the development of new powerful future innovations that are to become the solution.

How and when did you decide to launch The Sustainables?

Maria: While studying in Kingston University, I started my research on sustainable fashion. Later on, I ran an NGO for promotion of SDG in Eastern Europe and worked on the development of sustainable footwear. That moment I felt I should work on making an impact globally. 
Hanna: Once we met and had a long conversation on the future of fashion. We both realized the system needs a change and decided to launch THE SUSTAINABLES. It was the beginning of 2019. The project aims to change the product range in stores for the alternative one. We believe we can be that change. 

How did you structure the agency and the showroom?

Throughout the year we operate as a sales agency taking care of the sales we initiated. 2 seasons per year we operate as a physical showroom in Paris and Milan. Since the pandemic started, we launched our digital virtual showroom

How do you work to select and support the designers?

We looked through over 2000 brands and designers in the sustainable category and selected the strongest ones in terms of design, sustainable approach and commercial potential. We apply strict criteria with no less than 80% of sustainable materials within the collection. 

Tell me about your sustainable design contest.

It is a global initiative among emerging talents that supports and encourages the designers on their way to higher sustainability and responsibility. This year’s competition attracted a record number of entrants, with over 50 sustainable brands from across 18 countries, including Italy, Portugal, India, France, Ukraine, Philippines, USA, Madagascar, Argentina, UK, and others. We believe it is crucial to continue running the contest as an opportunity to inspire young designers to follow the path of sustainable development. It is a vital project that grows the infrastructure and nurtures talents globally.

Your future projects and plans to support your designers during this pandemic year.

This year we moved to digital. It needs 5 times less investment or even more to arrange international sales for the designer. We are going to continue to work hard to perform the variety of sustainable approaches to buyers. We believe this year will change the system and stores will be more and more open to online orders. 


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