New Craftsmanship January 13th, 2021


Magnus Aske Blikeng founded his brand Novicewear in 2019. The brand works with local designers and producers to create its products on a limited scale, primarily sourcing fabrics from producers that have a workwear heritage. To collect. 

What is fashion for you? 

"Fashion for me, is grounded in the contrast of utility and expression. My main interest within it has always been how different pieces can represent people and places, and how specific design have social signifiers through their use and wear. 
Most of my work is primary grounded in workwear, which is all about utility, but as time have passed, the use of workwear has changed, and the situation they are used are no longer defined by their original design. I find this interesting, as it drives the need to re-imagine cuts and references, to fit into an expression that is aligned with more contemporary culture."

When and why did you start your brand? 

"I started the brand in 2019, at my studio place in Berlin. 
I’ve always had an interest for the fashion industry, and wanted to explore how a brand could drive change through being focused on a niche such as workwear. I wanted the brand to act as a research project, where I could learn new ways to do design, production, sales and marketing. The idea itself, is that the brand will act as a change agent, that could positively impact the fashion industry to be more open, ethical and sustainable."

Where do you get inspiration from when you create? 

"From the people around me, Mono Magazine, vintage shops, selected Instagram accounts and historical references." 

How would you describe the collection you will present to White? 

"The collection is transcending sportswear, military clothing and workwear. The intension was to make a spring / summer collection that has foundation in versatility and Scandinavian minimal design. The name, liminal comes from the fact the collection is a composed of pieces that was created throughout 2020. Each piece carries a milestone within the year and shows the drive towards making durable and defining apparel, that can be worn apart or together as a uniform."

Future projects? 

"After the end of 2020, we have paused the development of new physical garments for production, as we want to redefine what we want to achieve and make. We aim to start developing more products 3D and provide the patterns for collaborations and development. In addition, we are also seeking new way to construct and make products that have inherent need, not just the end product of our vision and desires. 2021will be another rollercoaster – to enable us to be what we want to be, we need to follow our purpose and believes towards a more equal and ethical industry. Our small contribution will be a continuous push towards more sustainable materials and redefinition of what a product really is."




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