MAGAZINE June 18th, 2021



Mundane was founded by Luca Di Fabio, an Italian designer living in Nashville, Tennessee. The goal? «Using upcycling techniques  to create a type of fashion that lasts forever, mixing creativity of different designers, green attitude and musical spirit». As the entrepreneur said in the interview that follows.

What is fashion for you?

Fashion is the most immediate form of self-expression. Through clothes, it is possible to tell about the person wearing them.

When and why did you start the brand?

I founded the brand at the beginning of 2019 driven by the desire to put together all my strongest passions into a single creative entity: fashion, music and art.

Three words that describe your work?

Eccentric, extra-ordinary and sustainable-

How would you describe the SS 2022 collection you will present during WSM?

We wanted to overturn streetwear standards with an artistic touch. The collection is called “High on the street (wear)”  exactly because we wanted to take the cornerstones of the street such as T-shirts, polo shirts and hoodies, and overturn them with patchworks, rippings and other small tricks of fashion craftsmanship.

How is the brand sustainable?


Mundane is necessarily sustainable. Our pieces are elaborate: like the very rare limited editions of jeans, the jackets that we have kept in our archive and that we remodel from time to time ... These are all top quality and first-hand pieces that are subject to our upcycling process and re -purpose. We care about exclusivity and uniqueness, so then sustainability is our second skin.