MAGAZINE June 18th, 2021



Introduce yourself!

I have been working in the clothing world for more than 20 years and I started with an internship in one of the most famous jeans shops in San Francisco, where I fell in love with denim. Since then I have worked as a sales assistant, visual merchandiser, buyer and product manager, in Italy and abroad. I can say that I have a round experience in the field.

Why this name? It's so cute!

When I started the blog I was living in Berlin. I was walking in Mitte thinking of a name for the blog and, for some reason, PeppinoPeppino came to mind. It is an Italian name, ironic and fun that is now perfectly associated with the brand.

What does sustainability mean for you?

The usage, when possible, of fabrics and buttons from stock, washing techniques that save water and energy and chemical free, accessories and seals made with recycled and vegan materials. This, however, is only part of the story. For us, sustainability also means offering a high quality product, made in small factories in Italy, a timeless product that transcends fashions and trends. In this sense we like to define PeppinoPeppino as an anti-fashion brand. Producing less and good is its mantra.

What other values ​​does your brand embrace?

PeppinoPeppino is an "honest" brand. Honesty implies offering a well-made product that our customers can wear for years, without paying crazy amounts.

Where do the materials come from?

Production and fabrics are 100% Italian (northern Italy). To us, made in Italy is truly a value.

How is your brand unique?

The vintage world - workwear and military - is a great source of inspiration. PeppinoPeppino was born with completely different silhouettes from what the denim market currently offers.

Tell us about your latest collection.

The SP22 collection that we have just launched respects PeppinoPeppino style, with garments inspired by vintage clothing purchased in the flea markets. We have expanded our range of workwear-inspired dungarees that represent iconic garments for us and, this season, will also be available t-shirts, the famous "primetta" bag, made with recovered fabrics and even socks (inspired by old rugby socks) made in collaboration with the brand Heritage.9.




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