MAGAZINE June 18th, 2021


What about Sara Valente's DNA?

Authenticity, every single piece is conceived, designed and produced by me. It is a concept of pure craftsmanship that makes Made in Italy, and therefore “knowing how to do things well”, its strong point. It is a small production that offers so many advantages, first of all the one of having a unique bag, because it was created throughout the production phase by a craftsman; the quality of materials is a must have for the brand, fine leathers purchased within our territory too, which supports Italian supply chain.

What is the name of the collection you present at White?

ERA - Cleanliness, Essentiality, Transformation. 

These are the keywords of the collection inspired by Mother Earth, bearer of fruits, unique creator. The collection was born in a crucial moment of my life, I was pregnant and got inspired to create a line that somehow represented the transformation, the enrichment of the body, a new rebirth. Each ERA bag is enriched and transformed, the PAPIRA for example rolls up and unrolls like a papyrus, giving additional space and becoming a new object, acquiring a new shape.

The TUBA resembles a passage, a casket, a caring nest; VENUS has the soft shapes of Mesopotamian female statues, a symbol of prosperity and fertility.

Future projects?

I am working on the new Sara Valente collection, which will follow the usual fil rouge: cleanliness, rigor, minimalism, with references to the world of nature and above all with the unique and authentic imprint of Made in Italy craftsmanship. It is essential to pass on our savoir-faire and underline its importance, now that everything has become too fast. We notice instead a change of gear, an approach to tradition, to care, we prefer few things that last over time, that accompany us for a long time, this is the true concept of ease.

In Sara Valente’s campaigns the call of nature is strong ...

I keep working with the same team because "a winning team cannot be changed".
It is a group of young people from Rome, the city where I live; the Art Director is Sara Schiavo, the photographer is Ilaria Ieie, originally from L'Aquila but living in Rome. With them we speak a common language made of simplicity, color, essential perfection of light and a tendency to a beautiful image that can also be conveyed on social channels such as Instagram.



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We dream of a world where the value of an object is no longer determined by its price or brand, but rather by its peculiarities, uniqueness and the heritage it tells.We firmly believe that the future will be carved by the hands, mind and heart...

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