MAGAZINE May 18th, 2021

Mundane presents the new upcycled drop “High on the Street(wear), a 360 degree streetwear celebration.

by Greta Scaffidi


The brand Mundane, founded and run by Luca Di Fabio, unveils the new limited edition “High on the Street (wear)” collection, celebrating the value of upgraded sustainability, including upcycling and deluxe customizations. This is how they talk about the present, looking at an increasingly green future.

We want to focus on the timeless upgrade of garments: new pieces, never used, but coming from past years, and revisited for the occasion following a more contemporary style. With this new drop, the company intends to celebrate the whole world of streetwear, inserting elements that are getting closer and closer to this style: from denim to patches.

The target? Lead the brand towards a more metropolitan style, to bring the culture of craftsmanship everywhere, not only in the world of denim. This project is possible by shaking up streetwear icons such as the T-shirt, the oversized sweatshirt or the baseball cap, in combination with some classy elements such as the polo shirt or the classic beige trousers, which get completely transformed through craftsman's work.

The "High on the Street (wear)" collection is made up of unique and limited edition items, such as the 100% cotton White Maxi Polo.

The Milanoooh! Jacket is perhaps the most representative jacket of the collection, which mixes the culture of denim with the urban and street style coming especially from the nineties. As you can guess from the name, the piece is clearly a tribute to one of the most prestigious fashion capitals in the world, Milan. The choice is not only aesthetic, it is meaningful too; in fact, each garment has a story and reflects a specific feeling.

The jacket was made using velvet, coming from classic men's clothing, and 12 oz denim, a very precious fabric. The sleeves, on the other hand, were made with plaid. Even the silhouette is redesigned: more oversized and more emphasized. Another jewel of this piece is the buttonhole, made with the traditional hand stitch technique.

For the occasion, the advertising campaign was shot in Los Angeles by Andrew Stuart, official photographer of the Foo Fighters and the Slayer: the perfect collaboration to celebrate the right mix between rock and punk culture.

The digital platform becomes a sort of alternative circle for high-level artisans, who produce limited edition handmade garments and accessories. The products, all available online, are dedicated to streetwear fans: they are tailored made and embellished with unique details. The goal is to explore the world of international streetwear, discover emerging designers and interact with them through Mundane Magazine too, the brand's independent and highly successful digital magazine.