New Generation May 17th, 2021

A new chapter for the brand Stories, between retail and sustainability

By Angelo Ruggeri


Stories. Like life stories, an ongoing storytelling that tells of a change, a next step and daily challenges to face. In this way, Stefano Giordano, a designer and co-founder of the Made in Italy brand, told us his point of view and that of his team in the following interview. Straight to the point, no ifs and buts. 

How did your brand Stories react to the lockdown and the pandemic?

Fashion is an engine, an engine that stopped like the rest of the machine. The country stopped. The fashion system stopped. Over these months, we have been confident of restarting with more awareness, empathy and self-love. This speech applies to all the involved market players: producers, suppliers of raw materials and equipment, final customers, buyers, and dealers. We took the opportunity to take stock of the situation: we asked ourselves questions on sustainability and how Stories will develop future clothes. We decided to take a step back as if we wanted to look at the artwork and, in general, life from the right distance to achieve the objective. We wrote a manifesto about what fashion is for us, our approach, our way of working, our idea of revolution rather than a riot. You riot if you want to subvert a pre-established order, you make a revolution if you want to make the world a better place.  

Have you changed or will you change your strategy in the post-pandemic period?

We want to set trends. We want people to choose, buy and wear our garments. We want our clothes to enter people's houses and go out, worn by people, with a meaning that cannot be stuck within four walls anymore. This "meaning" will be conveyed by every single person who will choose that piece of clothing among other millions of proposals. What makes the difference is to make a choice and understand the reasons why you make it. We made our choice, a radical one that will change our approach in terms of distribution. It will be hard initially, but we believe that, in the medium term, we will have more opportunities and visibility. We believe that people will not buy what we make, they will buy "the why and the how" we make it. 

Why is the brand Stories sustainable? 

Because when we think about a new garment, we are aware we can track the entire production chain, from the origin of raw materials, through the hands of those who make it, to the placing on the market. Because resources and talents are not wasted or lost, and I am referring to the Italian companies that collaborate with our brand. Our main partner, which supplies 70% of fabrics in merino wool, is a certified B-Corporation. We work this way because there is always an ethical choice at the base, for example, assuring that the labor force has not been exploited, but treated with equity in terms of rights and workers' welfare. For Stories, the value of sustainability is a fundamental part of a project that is also a lifestyle. 




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