Responsible Innovation June 18th, 2021



What are the aesthetic codes for Agogic and where does it take inspiration from?

Agogic outerwear references classic shapes in contemporary city style and applies technical materials and techniques designed to create different layers. Lines are minimal and essential, with attention to functional details, do more with less.

Tell us about the collection you are presenting at White (i.e. inspirations, key pieces, materials)

We are presenting a focused collection of 2 outershells and 2 inner jackets, inspired by the life of commuters in the Northern Europe. Our customers feel the need of looking good without damaging the environment and of staying comfortable during a busy day in the rain. Outer and inner shells can be combined with a snap system, but also worn separately, delivering to the customer: versatility during the day and across seasons, less is more. All styles are packable, so they can be stored easily when needed and easily stored in a bag on a cloudy day, for example. 

Sustainability has become a major issue for the fashion industry (and not only that). What’s the brand attitude in relation to it?

Sustainability is at the base of our product. We have built Agogic in the principle of the ‘3 Rs’: Recycle, Repair, Re-use, our aim is to create a closed loop cycle with an online platform. We reduce raw material by recycling waste products to make high quality performance yarns and using reclaimed materials. Seaqual yarn used for our 3-layer shell is made from 100% recycled plastics -  10% reclaimed from the sea, 90% recycled consumer waste without harmful PFC’S, polartec and primaloft are created from 50-70 & recycled plastics for our inner jackets, reclaimed nylon comes directly from our vendors stocks. Polartec is also chosen for its ability to reduce microplastic shedding, five times less than the average fleece. During product’s life-cycle, normal garment usage and washing will cause damage that indicates the end of product’s life itself. For Fall ‘21, Agogic wil support customers and the community on garments repair, by providing a patch-fix kit and care information to enable customers to maintain their outerwear, increase and extend its life. Modularity further assists this. Customers will be able to resell their technical garments with Agogic or return them to be recycled.

We live in the social media era, non-stop communication and rapid changes. What should be the focus for a brand to take its own space and draw public attention?

I think a brand should focus on communicating what really matters to them and choose the form that is most appropriate. For us this means going a little deeper, following recent developments on innovation in sustainability & materials for example and using long form communication such as podcasts to discuss and go into detail.

Do you think it is important to stress on manufacturing and, on a larger scale, on production process? If so, how is communication supposed to happen?

Yes definitely. The process to create our garments is crucial to achieve the right performance and we think it is important to communicate this value to the consumer. We believe in both Ethically and globally made, working with the best professionals. We stay in close contact with the people involved in our supply chain, also using video and photo content, including the Who made my clothes campaign, but we would love to take further steps.


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