MAGAZINE June 18th, 2021



BAV TAILOR è un brand di lusso sostenibile In armonia con l'uomo e l'ambiente. I materiali usati, certificati naturali e riciclati,  valorizzano forme pulite e geometriche Ispirate all'architettura, al design e alle filosofie orientali.

You have an "holistic" approach to fashion, can you tell us about this philosophy?

BAV TAILOR is a holistic sphere where to educate and encourage individuals to live responsibly, follow sustainable models, act consciously and discover our ethically made and conscious luxury products.
The new site, launched during Earth Day this year, tells about this vision at 360°. The 'Shanti Wellness' space is the essence of my journey. In addition to the Shanti Yoga collection, I wanted to shed light on the daily rituals that have helped expand my inner ecology in hopes of inspiring others to work on their own personal development. In the coming months there will also be a space dedicated to the artists, the authors, the sacred spaces that are part of this journey because they have given me the opportunity to "flourish". As the great master Einstein said 'Strive not to be a success but rather to be of value'.

What about the DNA of the collection presented during this edition of WSM?

Chandra SS22 is a collection of essential and gender-neutral garments inspired by the moon phases and by our connection with its flow to maintain balance. As per every season, the meaning of the collection is linked to the inner journey experienced when working on garments development.

For this new season, the holistic sphere of BAV TAILOR continues to reinforce its manifesto in support of global craftsmanship, diversity and 'slow' fashion. The collection is focused on key pieces that tell the desirable hygge vision. There is the "perfect" shirt, the blazer, the trousers, the anorak jacket, the luxe t-shirt and the suit to wear for cycling! Clothes are created with a purpose, rather than superfluous.

The color palette, as always, confirms the exploration in the nuances of crystals and earth tones, fused with natural and refined materials. An approach in harmonic symmetry with a sober and balanced way of thinking. Shades include moon white for purity, clarity and connection, ash gray for energy and strength, and hematite gray for concentration, courage and balance.

You have always used unconventional, responsible and innovative materials. Which ones did you choose for this collection and why?

The soul of my project lays in the fabrics. The materials, as always, are certified, innovative, recycled or recovered from disposal and acquired through my trusted suppliers, who carry internationally recognized certifications. My project is just a perfect vehicle to showcase their great ability.

For the Chandra SS22 collection I present lush pleated fabrics inspired by leaves, which flow on the skin like Himalayan streams. I chose innovative materials, including Italian marble extract in a softer texture for my "athflow" line, I used it for example for my Prana Moon Anorak which includes a 3D origami detail.

Certified linen has been incorporated into my new Lokya Chandra Culottes and Artisanal Labdi collaboration this season with an ancient Damascus block printing technique that has been brought back to life by the wonderful artisans of Beirut at the Kunukku studio.

To enrich my Shanti Wellness collection I will present pieces and accessories for pranayama through other collaborations of Artisanal Lab supporting the artisans in Africa and India, both my homelands.

Responsible fashion is the one creating garments that respect not only the environment and consumers, but also and above all workers of the industry. Production is fundamental in your path and you are carrying out several projects in this regard. Can you tell us about them?

I feel very lucky because my brand has always been recognized as an authentic 100% Made in Italy, of high quality thanks to the precious support of Gianni Serra and his A-team from Studio Punto Zero. In addition, my collaborations that are part of the 'Artisanal Lab' project strive to support global artisans renowned for their valuable know-how. Each project is a story of their creativity, with the aim of supporting and enhancing local communities while respecting them.

What kind of relationship do you have with your community, how do you get it involved and how important is communication for you?

My community is made up of people who share my philosophy, my mantra 'respect your body + your sphere'. Today it is necessary to live consciously, respecting the environment and people. Luxury consists in enjoying every moment, being grateful for life, feeling joy when a ray of sunshine enters the house through the window or when a Bav Tailor fabric glides gently on the skin. 
For me, 'Conscious Luxury' is this and through my holistic sphere, rituals and social contribution through memberships that seek to support the "United Nations Sustainable Development Goals", I try to communicate and inspire my community to live life with courage, love and in harmony with the world.



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