MAGAZINE January 14th, 2021


Tell us about your journey and how your reality was born.

"Be.Gin is the eco-sustainable sportswear brand part of CasaGIN, a project born in 2017 from Daniela Prandin's idea, the first real promoter of this reality. Daniela worked for several years active in fashion between Shanghai and Milan following companies such as Prada, Gucci, Ferragamo, and Zegna. Her preparation in this field, the result of years of experience, is profound and attentive. A scholar and passionate about oriental languages and cultures, she approached the idea of CasaGIN after a trip to India in the name of meditation and spirituality. Here she is accompanied by long walks and meetings with people from all over the world. She rediscovers the value of living naturally, develops greater awareness, and is committed to the planet's common good. She matures the desire to launch a company related to healthy and positive clothing, genuine and innovative: something that can be a source of well-being for the person and respectful for the environment. Today CasaGIN includes a line of underwear and clothing to be used at home or outdoors in beech fiber and eucalyptus: a line of costumes in Econyl, a line of GOTS certified organic cotton T-Shirts, and precisely the new brand activewear Be.Gin." 

How do you keep up with tradition and keep up with the times?

"CasaGIN and Be.Gin communicate the search for biodegradable, regenerated, and natural fabrics with the craftsmanship of specialized companies. The aim is to combine tradition and innovation, updating the processing techniques, and integrating new ideas with historical processes. That's why we chose to work our fibers in small Italian companies where textile work is still a manufacturing art. We believe that only a product made with care can convey the authentic feeling of well-being that we seek. We chose Made in Italy. That's because, among the many values, contributing to our local communities' social and economic development is also very important. Also, Made in Italy is synonymous with quality and guarantees. Another unique point is the absence of harmful substances within our garments. The entire spinning, weaving, and packaging process takes place in Italy. The amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere is reduced due to continuous movements. Also, the use of harmful substances in animals is reduced, which may happen abroad due to the limited number of controls and restrictions."

Which are the iconic pieces that characterize your brand, and how were they born?

"We chose sustainability to make the performance better and more conscious. Our real challenge is to select high-performance fabrics without compromise and respecting nature. Green performing is the concept that best sums up our constant commitment to developing sustainable solutions. An example of this is the biodegradable T-shirt, which uses accelerated biodegradability fibers, which can decompose much faster than standard synthetic fibers, without producing toxic substances during the degradation process, thus ensuring a reduced environmental impact without sacrificing aesthetics and functionality. We have combined high-performance materials with extraordinarily soft and light fibers: we have managed to obtain products whose characteristics meet the needs of the most demanding athletes, such as breathability, technicality, softness, and lightness."

Which handicraft techniques are part of your heritage and still use today?

"It must be the case that the specialization of the laboratories with which we work is the cornerstone of a production that combines a commitment to the environment, the traditional values promoted by Made in Italy: craftsmanship, know-how, but also innovation, inspiration, and creativity. We continuously aim at the maximum of technicality from printing techniques that integrate technological research with manual work to create a prototype and model. We select the best patterns and materials to offer a product capable of responding to high performance."

Projects for the future and what strategies are you developing to overcome this moment.

"Our collections are ongoing to reduce waste and avoid creating disposable clothes. Our style does not pass but remains. As well as our ideals and principles upon which we sink our roots. We love simplicity and believe that business and activities need an update on the useful and indispensable in the future. Be.Gin is just the last of the collections we have created in a few years. And we are continuing to design new lines and expand our collections, with commitment, creativity, and coherence and following the principles on which our roots lie: ethics and sustainability. The strategy we are adopting in this intricated period is to team up and aim for multi-channel distribution. Finding good collaborators and committing to a dream, a hope, a better world. We face a new industrial revolution: we must do what has not been done in the past: identify priorities that are not just economic or individual profit, safeguarding an increasingly endangered planet. The continuity of the human being is at risk due to negligent behavior, and we can only succeed by remaining united. So the new watchword should be union. It is only by staying close and helping each other that we can tackle the modern problems of an increasingly large society with increasingly limited resources. The situation in which we find ourselves is quite a warning that we must acknowledge. The model adopted so far has not worked; let us strive for a better world. Everything exploits the strength of every sector: online, marketplaces, physical stores, integrated communication."




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