Responsible Innovation January 14th, 2021


"The only solution when you are afraid of the dark is to look inside until you see shades of light". Marcelo Sanchez found new energy from a complicated life passage and channeled it positively influencing society with its mystical values and universal openness. He offers colored hats but also a kaleidoscopic point of view. 

Any particular reason why you chose to launch your brand with hats?

"Officially not, subconsciously certainly, but I would give you an explanation too esoteric. Surely the sense of protection and the connection with the seventh chakra - the crown on the head - hence the spirituality that connects you with the universe"

You presented your first collection of hats made in Thailand at White last September. Now, at WSM, what are you showing? 

"I worked on a collection of hats made in Italy. They are all reversible and made with silks double seventies; no gender jewelry made of fragments from Afghanistan and Tibet and Thailand join a crochet part and climbing ropes; I also made a unisex kimono, and a small collection of bags".

What is the trend of value union that unites all these products?

"Non-duality is a fundamental concept of Hinduism and Buddhism. There is no positive without negative, male without feminine, god without satan. My brand plays and creates a world of belonging to this. Then there is the sensitivity for the diversity between cultures and the desire to embrace them all"

Does your brand have a symbol? 

"The anatomical heart, which is one of my many tattoos. The heart chakra is the one that brings into harmony the opposite polarities"

How do you approach sustainability?

"I don't call myself sustainable, but I do my best. I use recycled materials, make limited and artisanal productions, and know all the suppliers; I try to be as conscientious as possible. Then I would like to stress that my brand aspires to positively impact people's lives, opening them to diversity and non-duality"


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