Responsible Innovation June 19th, 2021



From Rome, founder of the brand that bears her name, winner of the Franca Sozzani GCFA Award for the best emerging designer at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards Italy in 2019, Flavia La Rocca proposes functional, ethical and responsible fashion. The designer, member of the collective "Cittadellarte Fashion B.E.S.T.", makes sustainability the cornerstone of her business project and has been pursuing her mission since 2013.

Your forte is “modular” clothing. What does it mean, what is the DNA of your brand?

Modular means that I do not design standard dresses, but modules which, through the use of hidden hinges, you can mix and match for an endless and renewable wardrobe. So I propose a new attitude towards clothing, a smart, responsible and contemporary way of dressing, because everything is done with the utmost respect for the environment and people. The option of wearing a garment in multiple ways decreases production environmental impact and being able to renew it instead of throwing it away extends the life cycle of the product itself.

Where are your garments made and using which materials?

Everything is strictly produced in Italy, limiting logistics and therefore controlling CO2 emissions. Manufacturing process is entrusted to a social cooperative that helps people in need to reintegrate in the labor market, a meeting place where beauty and redemption are discovered and "sewn" towards social integration. All materials come from Italian suppliers, and range from denim in organic cotton, to Lenzing TencelTM, to regenerated carded made in Prato for  winter collection.

Today, being sustainable does not only mean producing in an ethical and responsible way, but also thinking about the future of garments, their life cycle and disposal …

Absolutely yes. I conceived my project to be durable by working both from an aesthetic point of view, creating timeless pieces that do not follow trends, and from a production point of view using high quality materials able to maintain their characteristics over time. Through this I would like to raise awareness on garments’ care, extending their life cycle as much as possible. I am planning to implement a recovery program for used garments to then include them in the upcycling circle or donate the materials to companies that deal with the recycling of fabrics.

What are you presenting during this edition of the WSM?

A genderless modular look made up of a shirt, trousers and oversized outerwear. Shirt and trousers can be combined to create a suit with long or short sleeves and with trousers or bermuda shorts, the outerwear can also be disassembled and worn in 4 different ways. The whole can be mixed and matched in multiple looks. The garments are made of ecru Candiani organic cotton denim proposing 5 different colors made with natural Phillacolor pigments using a cold brush dyeing process, which significantly saves water usage and makes each garment unique.

What are your plans for the future?

I just launched a Kickstarter campaign with a women's model. In the future I would like to open a direct sales channel and start collaborating with stores in a new way that enhances the important role they play in getting the product to the customer and at the same time making them part of this innovative and responsible project both from the production point of view, as well as of sale and purchase.



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