Responsible Innovation January 14th, 2021


"Nature does not have the concept of waste and we feel challenged to realign ourselves to this law so profound, so simple, so true". Tiziano Guardini has dedicated his life and his work to the environment, the new collection by the Roman designer is a work of art made up of unique and timeless garments inspired by our deepest emotions. 

When and how did fashion enter your life?

“I don't know exactly when and how fashion entered my life, but I know exactly when I started being a fashion designer. Not even a teenager I took a pad of white paper, a pencil, sat on my bed, pushed the "play" button on my stereo and started designing entire collections, from jackets to long dresses ... and divided by seasons ... I find it incredible when passion knocks and instinctively begins to take its steps. Today the sustainable approach is promoted by the majority of fashion brands. You have always been involved in sustainability and nature is an integral part of your work."

What is the DNA of your brand?

"Yes exactly, sustainability is in my DNA as a human being and paraphrasing Lady Gaga I can say that "I was born this way". Basically it is based on "respect for life" in a broad sense. This leads to continuous research and on different aspects."

What materials do you prefer for the production of your collections and where are the garments made?

"My garments are made in Italy, the latest collection in Rome. I use raw materials that come from circular economy processes and that can be "recycled or regenerated" in their final phase. Or I choose organic, organic and cruelty free raw materials. One of the fabrics I prefer is a non-violent silk, which unlike the conventional one for which it is unfortunately necessary to dip the cocoons in boiling water making the worm die inside, is obtained instead allowing the larva to complete its metamorphosis and transform itself in butterfly. Fashion is culture and identity, it reveals in the form of art who we are and how our society is evolving."

What do your clothes tell about the world we live in?

"I agree, I believe that my "cross and delight" is my sensitivity, a feeling that my friends define as "skinless". This allows me to perceive the "emotions of the world" very intensely and therefore to tell especially some of them in a very defined and direct way. These emotions say "hey you, do you know you can dress cool and in harmony with this planet? It's time to wake up!"

What do you present for White's WSM project?

"A collection - art exhibition that I have called “Ecology of Mind Open Work”. I wanted to reflect on the concept of "Value". In 2019 I visited the "Broken Nature" exhibition at the Triennale in Milan, where the vision of many artists on the subject was explored. In a section of the exhibition called "the nation of plants" nature itself asked us humans to learn to live without damaging our planet. I have long thought about how much everything that the natural world creates has a value in itself and for someone else, instead we human beings produce waste, waste ... So I created an open collection / work using archival fabrics from some of the best Italian companies that are developing very interesting sustainability projects such as Manteco, Progetto 62 of Industrie Tessili Colombo, Mantero, Taborelli. My collection is made up of limited editions and unique outerwear / paintings. The designs, created using various fabrics, explore the most important human emotions in this moment such as love, courage, resilience and the desire / need to perceive oneself as a single living being and "dance together with the world". The graphics were created by the artist illustrator Luigi Ciuffreda with whom I share this sensitivity. The collection is also free from gender constraints. Although my work usually leads me to explore women's fashion, in this case I made a different choice because I think it is important, now more than ever, to abandon the patterns of the past and rewrite the world with inclusive values. After all, emotions have no gender ...



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