MAGAZINE January 14th, 2021


Craftsmanship, sustainability and glamor are the characteristic features of NTMB, a Neapolitan brand founded by Davide De Vivo and Matteo Paloni, with the aim of revolutionizing the fashion system landscape through garments with a great visual impact.

When was NTMB born and what is your story?

"NTMB was born in 2014 in Naples as an amateur project, made of passion and continuous research, with the aim of re-evaluating the dress and its components by reusing every part, stripping the concept of "old", not vintage, from any negative meaning, giving back to the boss his "dignity" and in this way paying attention to the environment."

What is the DNA of NTMB?

"The DNA of NTMB is composed of two fundamental concepts, visual shock and sustainability. These two elements are expressed through different interpretations such as underground, glam and punk 80s but above all they tell "our" Naples, the city where we live and work, the beating heart of our business, a place in whose myth and history are constantly intertwined. The distinctive features of Neapolitan influence in NTMB are not based on universally known folkloric stereotypes, but on the colors, language, imaginative imagery and unique lifestyle of the city. Craftsmanship is certainly a fundamental feature of our product, Naples has greatly influenced this aspect, after all it is an element that unites many brands born here. All our work is done by hand, an exercise that requires patience and above all attention. Last (but not least!) Typical Neapolitan element that inspired us is the art of getting by, a peculiar approach to life of those forced to live in situations of great economic hardship. We took a cue from this to re-evaluate the resources we already possess and give new life to waste materials from a sustainable perspective."

What materials are used for the production of the garments and where are they made?

"Our collections are created in Naples, the material used is all made in Italy, mainly denim and jersey. We favor stock fabrics, we also use all that "waste" that is created over the years for the various productions. In this way nothing is wasted and each element acquires value and meaning."

You have a direct relationship with the world of music, you have dressed several international stars ...

"Music greatly affects our creative process and often inspires us, for us it was an honor to collaborate with stars of the caliber of Puff Daddy, TheWeekend, Big Sean, VicMensa, JBalvin, Sferaebbasta, Elettra Lamborghini and many others ... "

What do you present at White?

"The new FW 21/22 collection, which tells the story of our brand through processing techniques and materials of the past and all the colors of the city of Naples. We have also decided to respect the current restrictions avoiding any movement, in fact each garment has been entirely designed and created in our laboratory, a true example of homemade and handmade. The materials and processing techniques we have chosen are entirely eco-sustainable, the prints, embroideries and tags are all handmade. The colors are permanent and the cream colored garments were made with tea and not in the usual industrial laundries."


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