Responsible Innovation January 14th, 2021


«We try to create cool square slippers!» said Alexander to Shushan a year ago. After 5 months of hard work and difficult choices, many samplings and tryouts later - and here is SINOBI. 

How did the project start and why?

"Alexander’s family has been in the shoe industry for 40 years. He founded the Ukrainian mass-market footwear brand LAPTI and gained a lot of experience. Shushan had always dreamt of working in the fashion industry and used to have a womenswear brand. We both wanted to do something useful and conscious"

What does craftsmanship mean to you?

"As regards to SINOBI, our production today is the combination of handmade and machine operation. We know that the day when we become less artisanal is not far off, it will really depend a lot on the sales volume. Today with manual work we can guarantee the best quality"

Can you explain a little bit more in detail the quality and values of the product? 

"We believe that fashion can be useful, meaningful and can make a difference. We believe that everyday choices regarding what to wear can be conscious. We believe that art, technical and medical approaches can work together. We truly believe in our product because SINOBI makes sense. It’s not just a pair of sandals, it’s a lifestyle. We believe that everything begins with ourselves. It is a mindful way of living and consuming that can organise our lives in a sustainable way. The way we treat ourselves also affects the world around us. And we believe that not just consciousness but health consciousness is the core. We should take care of our body, as a healthy mind follows a healthy body. SINOBI insoles provide comfort and stability with each step, relieve muscle fatigue and joint stress, improve blood circulation, offer stability and proper alignment"

What is your 'responsible' approach? Where is the production? What are the materials?

"Our production is in Odessa, Ukraine. We use sustainable materials: metal free leather, recycled EVA, coffee wastes,water based glue".

What does 'designed for longevity' mean in your philosophy?

"Buy less and use it for a longer time. We want our clients to consume less. We do our best to produce the best quality"

Do you follow seasons? What are you presenting at WSM?

"Yes, we do. We add new styles in our main collection per season. We are also going to do a collaboration twice a year. We are presenting our SS’21 and Pre-Fall"

Can Sinobi be worn also during the winter season?

"Yes, if you are somewhere in Africa or on a vacation :)"

Can the model of sandal with heel be orthopaedic?

"Yes, it can. Our HEEL has orthopaedic insoles"



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