Responsible Innovation January 14th, 2021


A passion for the environment and sustainability, design and quality of the materials. These are the key features of the brand Stories, headed today by designer and co-founder Stefano Giordano, together with the team, the visionary wants to revolutionize fashion and the way it's produced.

What is fashion to you?

"Even before being an aesthetic reality , fashion starts from a cultural phenomenon . Hence the importance and responsibility of us designers, of the ability to blend beauty with the message we want to convey. A garment must be good quality, functional, efficient and last over time. I always say: I imagine my dresses still worn in three or five years time. They cannot "only" exist for the length of an Insta Story and then be forgotten" 

When and why did you start your brand?

"Stories was founded about four years ago from an idea to change the fashion world. In fact, the first mini collection was made of only seven T-shirts, all with graphics full of gears wedged together which represent all the stories that need to be told. Stories of who’s chosen courage above all else, women and men who, in order to claim their own identity, prefer to stop following the herd, leave what is certain to go and take what they are entitled to. I myself christened them "Revolutionary T-shirts"

Where do you get inspiration when you create?

"My main source of inspiration are people. I like to watch people walking on the road, cycling, on buses, on the subway, going to work, jogging... Hence the need to create aesthetically beautiful garments, with yet a sartorial taste but high-performing, waterproof and windproof, in order to face everyday life in the city and downtime. Garments which stand out from the crowd, timeless, a real synthesis of our key concepts"

How would you describe the collection you are presenting to White?

"I would call the garments "urban uniforms". First of all for the matching soft pale colors, the same in both topwear and trousers. But that is not everything. Speaking of uniforms, I’d like to think that those who dress them will fight the fashion revolution and its production process beside us"

Any future projects?

"I would like every single garment to be able to tell its own story, going back all the way to the farm where the sheep the wool comes from were raised. In one word traceability"



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