MAGAZINE June 19th, 2021



Considered what you have achieved, what has changed compared to the beginning?

I look at the achievements and I am surprised like if I was not the one realizing them; yesterday for example, I remembered when I was invited to exhibit at V&A Museum together with Vegea. Really exciting, still now when I think of it, I open my eyes with astonishment! What has changed is the awareness and knowledge of the path I walked through and of how important it is to live in harmony with our planet, respecting the “laws” that give and preserve life. 

We live on this planet, not another. The question is, are we listening to it?

The path to sustainability has begun not too long ago and we still have a lot to do in order to rebalance things out – this is not only about fashion, but a lot of other industries, therefore I see every goal achieved as the possibility for each one of us to dream and, even if sometimes difficult, to be able to see the end line of that vision. Living this creative/sustainable reality allows me to inspire change, to continue working alongside businesses and partners so that the change in products and processes becomes every day more realistic, and I can be myself. 

What have been the sustainable innovations that touched you the most in the last period and which would you implement in your collections?

The topic of waste and the possibility to use it, fascinates me a lot. When I visited the beautiful Exhibition in Triennale, Broken Nature, in one of the rooms there was “the Nation of Plants”. It was like being inside the United Nations, but the plants were the ones doing the talking and were asking us to learn from them. Let’s take into account that nature doesn’t have the idea of waste, everything it produces is a resource for someone or something else, it’s us, human being, who introduced this concept. Really in everything, even the idea of “wasting time” ... This idea, so simple and yet sometimes really complicated to accept, is what I am working on in my job. Re-using things already produced, giving them a second life... considering them a resource instead. As an additional innovation in the way of thinking of the fashion industry, would be the perception that we could see every clothing piece we buy as a piece of art, something that doesn’t lose value in a few months, but that instead gains value with time. Together with Luigi Ciuffreda, we have created some frames that transform archive fabrics into wearing pieces. Each one has a certificate that declares the authenticity of production, materials and even of those who contributed in its creation... unique, as each one of us. In the last collection I recall the work of Manteco that creates new fabrics of recycled wool but with a new process: by working upfront on the selection of the fabric it doesn’t need to dye them again, saving on water and chemicals. Circularity is what the planet always does ...what about us?

What is the biggest challenge you had to face in your job due to sustainability?

The challenge is every piece of it, from the design to the material choices and the delivery. It’s a very complicated process and I “challenge” myself to make it better every day. 

Can sustainable fashion change the world? If yes, how?

The awareness and willingness to live (happily) will save the world. This has to be in every aspect of life. It means we are one human family and that we are all connected. Can we listen and act consequently, respecting nature and the other self on the other side of the planet who is somehow connected to my own choices? It’s a training of the mind and constant action/habits but I think it’s the greatest path to follow.

What are your next projects? Do you want to tell us about them?

I continue with the “main” collection, more linked to the pap world through the values of respect for the life of animals, therefore cruelty free, circular and transparent. I will keep the special pieces and the idea of creating dedicated Capsule collections. Last year, together with Biffi, we presented a limited edition with archive textiles exclusively designed for them. The Biffi family always believed in my work and my sensibility, even before I won the Green Carpet or my exhibition at V&A, it’s always a pleasure to create special items, more personal, I think it’s the best way to express work… and who knows if something new will come in September…



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