MAGAZINE January 15th, 2021


Tell me about your background and the launch of  your brand?

"I have always created sculptures and other objects with fragments of wood, gears, but joining metal was an unknown alchemy. When I choose my school path, I thought that I could make my dream of building a bicycle come true. So I enrolled in the goldsmith's course at the Art Institute of Florence to learn the technique of welding. I did a long apprenticeship in the laboratories of Pontevecchio. I’ve been always guided by a great determination in continuing my path despite the difficulties. I started collaborating with fashion houses as a creator of buckles. Thanks to these I got interest in my work, thus arriving to be selected as a jewelry maker for fashion shows. Later, while working with important fashion houses, I decided to launch my own brand."

How do you carry on the tradition while keeping up with the times?

"I carry on the tradition of the ancient lost wax technique, using it with a contemporary style. Today many companies are using modern 3D machines, but leading to cheap productions. My goal is to enhance and promote what is original handmade. Today's economy is based on artifacts created with numerically controlled machinery and in my opinion much colder, where the details and essence of a typical handcrafted product are lost."

Your iconic pieces that characterize your brand?

"My iconic pieces are the rings and bracelets that are part of the Fusion collection, born in the late nineties / early 2000s. These are characterized by primordial drippings that refer to the transformations of natural surfaces caused by the eruption of volcanoes. Another collection I really care about is called Wood, which symbolizes a cry of alarm for nature, being a fragile part and a victim of wars, pollution and the destruction of mankind. This line was born by mounting fragments of wood, as if they were more precious than diamonds."

Your inspirations and creative process…

"Everything starts from a gem or a stone. My research is nourished by seeing the phases that the stone goes through, from the earth to the cut. I study the enhancement of gems that have inclusions to emphasize the uniqueness of nature, the beauty of the different and
of the irregular. For me, symmetry is a symbol of coldness. My creative process starts from the observation and from naturalistic inspirations. From what I see every day starting from the countryside to medieval historic centers. I express what I absorb from daily visions"

What are the craft techniques that are part of your heritage?

"The artisan technique that I prefer and of which I am a master is the lost wax. I was chosen to teach a course at the Lorenzo de Medici School and to transmit this precious technique to young people. This is the subject that Professor Piera Bellini of the Art Institute of
Florence made me love and that characterizes my creations."

The plans for the future and the strategies to overcome this moment.

"I am certainly focused on continuous growth to make my jewels and sculptures more and more important. My strategy is to be more and more visible and to showcase in countries where my most established clients come from. I would like to introduce my work to a wider audience. This is why it is important to strengthen all the digital channels, always carrying out collaborations with key fashion stores."


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