MAGAZINE June 18th, 2021



From sails to backpacks, to create a fashion product that combines sustainability and coolness at the same time. This is the goal of the Made In Italy brand: Artichoke. As explained by Lorenzo Scotto, founder and administrator of the brand, in the interview that follows.

What is fashion for you?

It is the chance of being able to express your style and values, without actually saying a word. This is the reason why we produce iconic style backpacks with recycled materials. And if we manage to make life easier for those on a trip, we have achieved our goal.

When and why did you start the brand?

Back in 2017 we struggled finding the perfect backpack for our travels, so we decided to make our own. Being great travel lovers and our will to help other people improve their travel experience, we decided to start producing and selling our backpacks.

Three words to describe your work?

Sustainable, iconic and smart.

How would you describe the SS 2022 collection you will present at WSM?

We have updated our first backpack model: the Green Globe, more contemporary with great proportions and a few tweaks to increase comfort. To the other models, however, we have increased the color range with summer-like patterns to satisfy sea and color lovers.

How is the brand sustainable?

We produce backpacks with used sails that would end up filling landfills in northeastern Italy. The sails, in fact, are very difficult to dispose of as they are made of different materials mixed with each other (this is also what makes them resistant and perfect for producing backpacks and bags). We have always believed in sustainability and in keeping the production in Italy. This allows to create jobs for our community and to have clear visibility on all production processes.