MAGAZINE May 12th, 2021

Avel Lenttan: luxury jewelry with patented Micro-Tag

by Caterina Di Iorgi


Avel Lenttan jewels blend the tradition of goldsmith's art and technology in a new way. A unique creative project: each jewel is in fact equipped with a secret detail, My Memory Forever, a patented Micro-Tag, inserted in the metal of all creations, which enables the traceability of all components of the jewel, following the supply chain process from the extraction of the raw stone through its procedure to the finished product.

The Micro-Tag thus becomes an electronic identity card that allows those owning an Avel Lenttan's creation, to access all the information at any time. My Memory Forever keeps not only the technical data, but also the emotional data. Through a "tailor-made" customer service, dedications, photos, videos can be inserted in the chip and viewed on the special app made to enjoy these contents.

Avel Lenttan jewels thus become bearers of memories for women wearing them. But the identity card underlines the transparency and ethics of the company too, which thus adheres to all the international protocols required by the market in terms of environmental respect, truthfulness and conformity of raw materials, distancing itself from clandestine trade and embracing the objectives of the UN 2030 agenda for sustainable development.

The stylistic sign of all Avel Lenttan collections is the triangular star, which from a geometric shape is transformed into the lines and volumes of the jewels and the defined cuts of the stones. Four collections are developed in bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces: Mirror represents the essence of the Italian goldsmith's art with creations in gold, gems and diamonds. 

Anniversary is the jewel made to celebrate significant moments. Dove Vai is the line in which color is the protagonist, while Be The One is designed for young dreamers. The jewels of this line use 9kt gold while the others use 18kt gold. All  lines offer yellow, white and pink gold options.

Avel Lenttan jewels are all embellished with brilliant cut diamonds and semi-precious gems enhanced by the nuances of green tourmaline, onyx, pink garnet, citrine quartz, kogolong and blue topaz.