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Barròco is a digital platform born in 2018 with the intention of supporting Italian artisan workshops and producers, helping them to obtain the success and international visibility that are due to the garments that express the best Made in Italy, inextricably linked to values such as savoir-faire, refinement and quality
Selected by Barroco, we meet the brand Sartoria Inglese.

Led by the third generation of the founding family, Sartoria Inglese has dressed among many Prince William and several Hollywood actors. Tradition and craftsmanship continue to be the brand’s essential values, displayed in our garments which are refined yet simple, a perfect combination of timeless elegance and contemporary taste. 

Tell us about your journey and how your brand came about.

I took over the family tailoring business established in 1955, I did it because I felt responsible for preserving and handing down an Italian family tradition, which was born in the South’s outskirts. But the desire to export and become known and was so great, that I did not sleep at night to get Japanese buyers a video of a few seconds on hand embroidery of a buttonhole. Now the internet is faster and it will be faster and faster, but I think we will start from that embroidery, from our Italian tradition and pride.

How do you carry tradition forward while still keeping up with the times? 

Tradition especially in this historical period must change according to the times. Not doing so, would mean giving up on progress and innovation. I can’t in fact, hide that in the tailoring workshop we use video calling to better interpret the needs, the physical aspects and the taste of the customer. However, in our field it’s fundamental to keep our focus on the tailoring expertise and on manual skills, which have been handed down through generations, updating them from time to time according to the tools and techniques. 

What are your iconic pieces which characterise the brand and how did they come about?

Without a doubt, the Gianni Agnelli polo shirt is a real must. We have always presented it.  It’s the result of a careful study and research, with many hand-sewn stages and it also distinguishes itself for its exclusive fabrics. Another iconic model is the shirt with the Capri collar, taken from our archive and inspired by the island’s lifestyle. It is a special collar made from a single piece of fabric, and has a unique feature, the double use it "performs" extremely well for both casual settings and elegant ones, with a tie. I am very flattered to see how, over time, many tailors around the world have tried to include in their collections shirts that are inspired by these models mentioned.

Which of those artisan techniques which form part of your heritage do you still use today? 

I would say most of them. My idea of tailoring business has been from the beginning an expression and reinterpretation of the most traditional concept. Everyday I use the “recipe” to make an exclusive piece designed, hand-cut, sawn and embroidered. In other words, I’m trying to reinterpret in a contemporary style what my grandma used to make in the 50s.

What are your projects for the future and what are your strategies to get through this moment? 

At the moment we are finishing off several projects. We are fascinated by the idea of bringing to life, even if from a distance, a special experience exploiting this digital transition through remote communication and sales. Talking to passionate, simply curious clients and tourists has always been our prerogative. It makes us sad that in this period we are all forced to see one another through a monitor. Amongst some outstanding projects the one with Barròco stands out. A concept born in Puglia with a great deal of research, which offers many authentic craftsmanship novelties. We are planning great things to come.

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Barròco is a digital platform born in 2018 with the intention of supporting Italian artisan workshops and producers, helping them to obtain the success and international visibility that are due to the garments that express the best Made in Ital...

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