MAGAZINE June 18th, 2021



How did the idea of ​​the brand came? And how has Bayria evolved today?

Bayria Eyewear was born in 2018 from the desire of creating an original, aesthetically beautiful product, coming from design studios but at the same time functional and presenting top quality. I worked in the eyewear field for 40 years, which gave me the chance to study eyewear, closely observe the strategies of multinationals and companies in this industry. Glasses are in everyone's life: they define our features and our look, they are vectors of our personality. For this reason we have tried to produce a line that was immediately significant but at the same time extremely easy to wear.

Is there a fil rouge in the collections, from a stylistic point of view?

Bayria collections are inspired by art, tout court. The first collection is totally inspired by the soul of Bari, starting from the logo that shows the design of stylized mosaics inspired by the one in the Basilica of San Nicola, up to the city symbols.  In fact, the model Apulia was designed by looking at Petruzzelli theater from above; the Varolum model, with its geometric excavations on the front, refers to the inlays of the façade of the Swabian Castle of Bari. The new collection refers to the rigor and geometry of the halls of power that rise on the Bari seafront. We get inspired by arts too, for the special edition that in 2020 won the coveted Graziella Pagni award for the design category: - To Lucio Fontana.  Slabs engravings make this model unique and refined. More specifically, the engravings are inspired by Fontana's art, where the surface of the canvas itself, interrupting itself in reliefs and recesses, enters into a direct relationship with real space and light.

How has your idea of ​​sustainability changed today compared to the beginning?

In addition to style and innovation, Bayria Eyewear's mission is about sustainability: respect for the territory, the environment and above all human heritage. The cellulose acetate we use is 80% virgin, long lasting and implements a reduced amount of solvents during the production process. We are constantly looking for solutions that make our products sustainable from an environmental, territorial and ethical point of view. We are experimenting the application of sustainable lenses with low environmental impact. Mazzucchelli 1849 has developed, exclusively for Bayria Eyewear, 14 mm thickness sheets (usually the sheets are 6 mm) in bio-acetate, completely biodegradable and produced without the use of phthalates derived from petroleum. In fact, the new collection will focus on style, like never before, but always in the name of low environmental impact.

From your experience, what is the biggest challenge when working with sustainable standards?

In addition to material research, we work with artisan workshops that apply the dictates of ethical work. The frames are produced in Italy in places that guarantee respect for human and environmental heritage. All this constitutes a daily challenge for us: longer times, higher costs. But the result pays back for all the effort we constantly put into our creative process.

What are your next projects? Do you want to tell us about it?

We strongly believe in art that leads to art. We are open to collaborations to bring art, design and music to the world of eyewear. Our glasses were worn by Colapesce and Dimartino, by Vhelade and by the English living work of art, Pandemonia. The pop artist, with eccentricity and irreverence, shows how much in our society everything is based on appearance, sending the message that perfection does not necessarily mean being homologated to the mass. Together with Pandemonia we plan on launching a special capsule.