MAGAZINE June 19th, 2021



Can you tell us about the collection you are presenting at White? Inspirations, key pieces, materials….

The collection BrownMill Company is presenting at White is a small segment of our collection "The World Needs Unity" Our world is in a state of release, the systems we’ve maintained have failed our mother earth and all those that inhabit it, both living and inanimate. To heal, we must create the opportunity for a better tomorrow and speak the language of animacy for ourselves, our communities, our cultures and all within it. The systems around us are inextricably linked and ever changing and to realize this is to survive, to regenerate is to thrive. Its either we unite or perish , the world needs unity above anything else. In short, our brand recognizes the responsibility we have in bringing awareness to our community and providing the education and resources to empower and strive for better. It's not just about the clothing, it's a way of life, a concept that exists not just within the mind, but physically as well.

Sustainability has become a crucial issue for the fashion industry (and not only). From this point of view, how does your brand stand? 

Sustainability is a pillar of BrownMill's business and life practices. The company's  mission is to reduce waste and inspire sustainable lifestyles. BrownMill produces its  clothing with the environment in mind, upcycling discarded textiles to create one of-one pieces. Since conception we have upcycled over 1,000 pounds of clothing with our No Waste Model. After much research and diving more into the fashion industry, we began to research more about the impacts of textile waste and the effects of fast fashion. We felt that it was our duty to do what we could to incorporate natural and/or upcycled textiles into our production practices. With this, we also encouraged many of our customers and supporters to not only "wear" our clothes but to also "own" them. Just as one would take a car with maintenance issues to get serviced, tuned up, or inspected, we aim to instill that same valued relationship between our customers and our clothing. We are also a business skilled in tailoring so if there is an issue with a garment, instead of throwing it away we recommend getting them repaired by us. We promote this through many of our marketing efforts and the services that we offer.

In the era of social media, non-stop communication and constant changes, what should a brand focus on to carve out its own space?

In order to carve out its own space, a brand needs to understand the needs of their consumers. Once a brand is able to identify their target audience and make a connection with that demographic it is much easier to find space in such a large ever growing industry.

Is it important to put the emphasis on the workmanship and, in general, on the production process?

Definitely. The production process is such a crucial part of building a brand and selling clothing. If it isn't taken seriously and done carefully the quality will not be of a certain caliber and that is easily discoverable and in turn leave customers with a bad taste in their mouth in regards to your business and products.

New projects coming soon?

Yes! BrownMill has officially opened a Flagship location in the heart of Newark, NJ. The BrownMill Atelier will serve as a centralized point for our community to fellowship, be educated, and support other like-minded brands and businesses. We plan to drop new collections and merchandise consistently both online and in store