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CasaGIN is an Italian start-up of sustainable underwear and clothing. How was the brand born?

The CasaGIN project was born in 2017 from the idea of ​​Daniela Prandin. At the time Daniela came from work experiences related to the world of fashion; she had worked for important companies such as Prada, Gucci, Ferragamo and Zegna, gaining considerable experience and a transversal knowledge regarding the clothing sector. She wanted a unique brand, which could be a source of well-being for both body and Earth. She knew that fashion was one of the most polluting sectors in the world and she wanted to take real steps towards change in Italy, where the matter of sustainability was slowly starting to make its way. That is when combining sustainability with work ethics, she founded CasaGIN, one of the first sustainable clothing companies in Italy. The name was the first goal to be achieved. CasaGIN was born from the union of two concepts. Home represents the mood and when someone becomes part of our world, we want them to experience a feeling of well-being that only our home offers. GIN represents in a certain way the mission that is what moves us; it is an acronym that stands for Genuine, Innovative, Natural. Innovation, in fact, for us means research of materials, development of new forms, constantly updating and evolving. Through innovation, we went from a simple line of underwear to a loungewear collection and then expanded to a line of swimwear and then achieved a full range of sustainable sportswear made with the latest news in sustainable fabrics. We use beech fiber, eucalyptus fiber, Econyl, organic cotton and a special biodegradable polyamide. And we have chosen to work our fibers in small Italian companies where textile work is still a manufacturing art. We are convinced that only a product made with care is able to convey the authentic feeling of well-being we are looking for.

Begin offers sustainable sportswear collections. Which fabrics do you use and what are the benefits to our skin?

BeGIN is the first line of highly performing sustainable sportswear, entirely made in Italy, part of the CasaGIN world. The will to win, the desire to succeed, the drive to reach full potential: this is Be.GIN. A dream that came true, to connect the world of sports to environmental sustainability. To do this we have searched for, tested and chosen the best materials on the market, the latest discoveries in the technical field: biodegradable and regenerated fabrics, produced in Italy,  granting ethics and quality, designed to give voice to environmental needs. We are convinced that we can satisfy the needs of every sportsman, and at the same time protect the planet.

What does it mean for a brand to be sustainable and how difficult is it to maintain standards?

The concept of sustainability is becoming more and more central in many areas, including fashion. Attention to the environment footprint is something that is slowly but steadily maturing. It is a question of awareness, information, and research. But it is also a form of deep respect for every form of life, for the place that hosts us and allows us to savor the beauty of living. Finally, it is a question of thinking about who will come after us and putting into practice a lifestyle that allows us not to compromise the delicate environmental balance and the availability of resources in the future. For us, being attentive to sustainability means this: reducing pollution and the consumption of resources, offering quality products capable of transmitting well-being, being attentive to every phase of the value chain and guaranteeing good working conditions for all the people who make our reality possible. And to certify all this, on our website it is possible to view, in correspondence with each product sheet, how much each garment we produce contributes to reducing the impact on the environment in terms of saved resources. We have also created a page dedicated to transparency through which it is possible to know which laboratories and companies we collaborate with, where they are located, which certifications they have, how many employees and what guarantees they offer towards them and much more. I believe that the future of sustainability is just that: transparency and clarity.

What do you think about the period we are experiencing now from a fashion point of view? In which direction should we go and in where should we change?

Fashion is changing a lot. It goes faster and faster and trends come and go within a few months. This is the consequence of the speed of product disclosure through the new communication channels. The situation of this industry therefore becomes even more critical as it is the second most polluting industry after oil’s one. However, we are part of a recent but strongly committed movement. There are many companies that are embracing a more sustainable way of thinking, working and acting. In Italy the best examples are those of the companies we work with to spin, weave and package our items. Small and large artisan companies that commit themselves every day to reduce consumption, look for less impacting energy sources and innovative forms of recycling. But also by studying the competitive market we can find more and more projects that are directed towards a more careful path. In Europe and the rest of the world, issues such as sustainability and ethics are increasingly under the spotlight.  Italy is slowly following this path and there is no shortage of start-ups that are positioned alongside us. And we are happy about this, because it brings greater awareness to the market and therefore we feel like the challenge is constantly improving and finding new solutions. The most ambitious goal in the sector, but also the greatest difficulty, is to connect the search for biodegradable, regenerated and natural fabrics with the craftsmanship of specialized companies; combining tradition and innovation, updating processing techniques and combining new ideas with historical processes. This is why we at CasaGIN have chosen to process our fibers in small Italian companies where textile work is still a manufacturing art. We are convinced that only a product made with care is able to convey the authentic feeling of well-being we are looking for. We have chosen Made in Italy because, among the many values ​​that drive us to do what we do every day, there is an interest in contributing to the social and economic development of our local communities and this is the direction that majority of modern companies should take.


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