What is the Mission of FABBRICATORINO?

For FABBRICATORINO the mission is to support and preserve the Italian artisan tradition and its ancient techniques, combining digital innovation and environmental sustainability. FABBRICATORINO glasses stand out for their sophisticated design and the extensive use of sustainable materials, offering the end consumer an integrated and satisfying omnichannel shopping experience, combining the best aspects of the online and offline world.

What is the FABBRICATORINO innovation? What does it offer more than other brands?

FABBRICATORINO is an example of how digital transformation can support craftsmanship; it boasts an innovative digital platform ( that offers users a unique experience.On the site you have the opportunity to be guided by an algorithm to choose the most suitable frame, identify your favorite one and try it at home for free and with no purchase obligation. A configurator also allows you to enter your own eye prescription and know in real time the final price including ophthalmic lenses. Once the purchase has been completed or the quote has been saved, you can go to the FABBRICATORINO single-brand stores or the nearest optician partner, to create the lenses and get the new glasses.

How is the brand sustainable?

FABBRICATORINO's path towards eco-sustainability began a long time ago and looks towards the future. The first step, the oldest one, was taken with the creation of high quality glasses made to last over time. The second step dates back to about 3 years ago, when a new material was introduced: BIO ACETATE, made with renewable and widely available natural resources, recyclable and biodegradable. The third step was production waste recovery to create new plates from which we created the first RECYCLED ACETATE sunglasses presented for the first time in the SS20. The fourth step is the one that sees the creation of an experimental project that integrates different technologies, for the creation of a product line made of recycled plastic that respects the principles of the CIRCULAR ECONOMY, fully traceable and combined with an "educational and rewards" solution ”For the virtuous behavior of our customers. A first pilot model has already been presented which anticipates a wider future collection, FT-ECO.


The SS 2021 collection gives light to the charm of secluded Italian places and names its products after the most beautiful villages in our Country. It all starts from marketing needs, giving our glasses a name that it is easier to remember rather than a sterile alphanumeric code. The Italian villages tell the charm of our Country, they are capsules that somehow protect our traditions and Italian craftsmanship through innovation and its enhancement in the world. Alessandro Monticone, CEO of FABBRICATORINO: "I love the idea that a customer, in Italy or on the other side of the world, can discover the beauty of a small village thanks to our products and maybe decide to go visit it one day while wearing the glasses with the same name. "