MAGAZINE June 18th, 2021



Introduce yourself

My name is Laura Zura-Puntaroni, I'm 29, I come from the world of architecture but I am passionate about a thousand things. I love designing and shaping thoughts, planning and traveling, observing and being contaminated by what’s around me.

How and why did you start the brand?

After a difficult period, in 2019, I felt the deep need to start doing something for me, which would reflect my great energy.

Why this name? It's too cute!

I dreamed of it (I very often remember the dreams I have) during the days I was thinking of a possible name - I was looking for an Italian name, able to say something about me and the things I love: Nature and Enthusiasm. I woke up with this name in mind and I started repeating it all day: it could only be this one.

Why a sustainable brand?

I feel a very strong bond with Nature, sustainability could not simply be a goal to be achieved but it was essential to ensure that it was a starting point. Currently, much of the psychological weight of sustainability is on the consumer, who must juggle claims, advertising and greenwashing; and is blamed for not making the right decisions. If these choices were made directly by the producers, the consumers themselves would have no problem buying in the "right" way. As a buyer I can commit as much as I can, as a producer I felt the ethical need to give my best and not to compromise.

What other values ​​does your brand embrace?

I only work with people and small businesses that I know in depth and with whom I truly respect. I believe in human relationships and empathy.

Where do the materials come from?

I research, study and personally select natural and certified materials or those made entirely of recycled fibers.

How does your brand stand out?

Thanks to extreme care. There is a song by Guccini, la Collina, which towards the end says: "You selling it, what do you buy better?" When creating my collection, I keep in mind that it has to represent my standard to its best. I invested in quality and I can say that I would buy every single item myself. All yarns come from Italian companies and are certified according to very strict standards. Every single element of the final product has been meticulously studied and tested by me (even the tags are handmade, one by one, with dry printing in a very small Milanese laboratory). Communication is also particular: at last you can see normal bodies, without retouching.

Tell us about your latest collection.

This summer's collection is called SUMMER GESTURES and talks about the thing that perhaps we all need the most today: Normality. I want to talk about normal things, normal bathing suits, normal actions and above all normal bodies. I would like us to live a summer made up of sun creams, wet swimsuits, too cold showers, running dives, fiery sunsets, books under an umbrella, wine in good company. This is how the collection was born, keeping in mind all those simple, light, "normal" actions that we do every summer: no manifestation of courage, no desire for a stir, only the need to feel good about your body and to find a garment that help us in this purpose.



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