MAGAZINE June 18th, 2021



Born and raised in Lithuania, Gin Salemò lived and studied around the world, until she landed in Milan, where she decided to found the brand that bears her name. The project is conceived as a collection of artistic creations and thoughts, defined by a less materialistic and more collaborative vision of the future.

How can your brand be defined sustainable?

I focus on environmental and social sustainability, dealing with issues such as stereotypes, discrimination, issues related to feminism. I see sustainability as a true philosophy, a new way of thinking, rather than producing. At the heart of my research there is innovation: in fact, I enjoy finding new ways of creating: pushing on sustainability, interest and comfort.

What other values ​​does your brand embrace?

A story that stays alive, which never loses its relevance: artistic as well as ecological. In fact, my collections are not tied to seasons but are presented as open narratives, which is efficient from all points of view. True luxury is time: for each collection I like to develop a handmade fabric made in collaboration with Italian artisans (and this time I will also include a higher number of techniques).

How does your brand stand out?

A garment it is never just a product, but a mean of artistic communication.

Tell us about your latest collection.

In Penelope: Chapter 1 I talk about women labeling and gender stereotypes, recycling and transforming wedding dresses into unisex garments. We need to stop perceiving women as wives  and mothers only. In addition, the wedding dress is a perfect to be recycled, as it is usually worn only once in a lifetime.

In Penelope: Chapter 2 I deal with the main idea of ​​the story, presenting new colors, transformations, structures. Looking for new ways to combine innovation and recycling with artisanal techniques.

Fashion: an instrument of expression or a manifesto of intentions?

Both, to me fashion is a very powerful kind of art, by choosing the right messages it is capable of changing the world.



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