MAGAZINE January 14th, 2021


How, when, and why you launched Good Sustainable Mood?

"Graduated in cultural heritage, in 2012, I started working as a buyer for a large group. All right, beautiful experience. Too bad that after a few years, I start looking around and being more sensitive than specific issues, so much so that I stop eating meat. I then find myself in the middle of a meeting where the aim is to decide which fur coat to make outerwear.
A spark lights up, and I start searching for sustainable and vegan clothes. I can't find much. I quit and open here in Parma, one of the first concept stores in Italy dedicated to sustainable fashion with the idea of testing the market and launching a brand.
We landed on the market in April of this year; we entered the Credit Agricole start-up accelerator (Le Village). We started with about ten shops, and now we have 35"

What is the GOOD MOOD of the collection?

"I was interested in starting to work on innovative and sustainable fabrics and processes. Let people know about real alternatives. T-shirts and basic knitwear, of a timeless design, obviously always made in Italy. Things that everyone tends to have and will always have in the closet. Another thing: seasonality. When we are ready with a new product, we launch it, after which it does not expire. It remains continuous" 

What kind of fibers do you use?

"For the moment, we have started with fibers of natural origin. Certified Pima cotton, kapok, milk fiber that derives from the food industry's waste, wood, and eucalyptus fiber and queuing in we have many others."

Three values that represent you

"On the site, we chose three words: innovation, sustainability, and beauty. We work at 360 large on the supply chain. We launched a pre-order method: we produce what is then sold.Many people talk about sustainability, but in a world in crisis, the focus i on the price of an object more than its value"

How do you think that can be changed?

"Education is needed at all levels. I am happy because I am starting a teaching path in high school, and I see that it is true, the new generations are much more sensitive to the subject."

Don't you think sustainable fashion needs a little more light communication so that it's more attractive?

"Absolutely. We are in a world where if it goes well, you have 5 minutes off a day, and you feel like relaxing. It is right to communicate values, but it must be communicated clearly that it is something stimulating; that makes you feel good."



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