MAGAZINE June 18th, 2021



Evolved fashion, defined 5.0, between sustainability and innovation. This is how the brand Good Sustainable Mood communicates with its customers, to tell them about green, slow and fascinating fashion. As explained by Elena Prestigiovanni, founder and CEO of the brand, in the following interview

What is fashion for you?

It is emotion, reality, dedication, creation, everyday life, respect, evolution and transformation. Fashion is a serious matter, wrapped in abstract magic. Just like love (the real one!).

When and why did you start the brand?

In 2016, during a meeting between buyers and style, we had to select the fur for the new season. That was the moment I understood that it was time for a different fashion: more respectful, evolved and sustainable. I quit that job and since 2017 I have dedicated myself exclusively to sustainable fashion. Good Sustainable Mood was born in 2019 after over 10 years of experience in the sector.

Three words to describe your work?

Innovation, sustainability and beauty.

How would you describe the SS 2022 collection you will present at WSM?

Essential innovability: the perfect combination of innovation and sustainability. Upwear, timeless and no season garments, with a minimal design and 100% Made in Italy.

How is the brand sustainable?

Good Sustainable Mood's sustainable vision is long-term. This is why we invest every day in research and innovation of materials and production processes. All the parties involved are chosen and controlled to create a transparent supply chain that respects the environment and people.



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