MAGAZINE January 14th, 2021


Tell us about your journey and how your reality was born.

"I started after my experience in the world of knitwear. I worked as a worker and programmer for the high end of the market."

How do you carry on the tradition keeping up with the times?

"Tradition is fundamental to Imjit. Our motto is "Pura Esperienza Artigiana”. The team also has personalized service. We share not only products but also experiences. We highlight the close relationship between the customer and our e-shop. We produce on request what the customer wants, and we choose the details together. Step by step, we share an experience. Imjit is a real workshop with over 60 vintage and new machines."

What are the iconic pieces that characterize your brand, and how they were born?

"803 Aghi Stretti and 805 Aghi Stretti: they are produced to create the denim aesthetic of iMjiT."

What are the handicraft techniques that are part of the heritage and still use today?

"Tecnica Punto Singolo, this is how you make a stitch sewn with the machine Class 301. The line was born after many tests. I was focused on creating something hard to replicate, something artisanal. Now the denim line is 100% made with this technique."

What are the plans for the future, and what strategies are you developing to overcome this moment?

"We will develop a more authentic way of working. Imjit's concept is CIRCULAR. We create, we sew, we restore; since the foundation, we work in this way. We are working on setting up a second-hand Imjit sales platform where the customer can resell his garments. Another project that we have called FUORISERIE is about to be born for the creation of unique products. The future is to maintain the life and value of results to protect our path. The restoration service has been part of Imjit since its foundation.
The PATCHWORK line consists of original Imjit parts (excess material). Any Imjit product is delivered in a plastic bag. Since the beginning, we are very close to Zero Waste."



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