MAGAZINE June 18th, 2021



They come from the same city but met each other in Berlin. Behind Kerriih there are two heads - E. and M. - who, as far as possible, love to keep their identity a mystery. E. studied fashion design, while M. graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Two quite different backgrounds which, however, complete each other from a design point of view and from the practical and experimental one.

How and why did you start the brand?

It all started in Berlin, during the first lockdown: there was a totally different atmosphere than in Italy, but we still decided to observe a self-quarantine. And during this period we had the opportunity to share ideas, projects and methods in long walks through parks, streets, cemeteries - a transversal exploration. A few months and some experiences later, we were ready to start the project. We started on Instagram and then we collaborated with an e-commerce site that gave a good turn to the project. We realized that it could become something more concrete, substantial. The road is still very long, we are still working on the "how".

Why this name?

Kerriih comes from playing with words and random things that happened. K stands for knitwear, "erri" would be a piece of the word needles, the tools that are used to knit ... the rest was then fixed because there were no names available on Instagram. We really like doing things a bit randomly and without taking ourselves too seriously. 

Why a sustainable brand?

Because there is no other solution. Because we want to try to propose a model that respects the material, the producer, the territory, the place you live in. Because we strongly believe in alternative ways of working that do not aim exclusively at consumption, but which instead create a little more awareness of what you buy. More than sustainable, we like to call Kerriih responsible. We assume that we must be aware of the fact that there is always room for improvement, that nothing is taken for granted, that no one is perfect (defintely not the two of us). The idea behind Kerriih is to start from the recovery of surplus materials. This allows constant experimentation with new materials that are “collected” instead of purchased. It allows us (or obliges, depending on your point of view) to have a few pieces and all unique, exactly because the amount of material is what we have and we will not buy more. Basically, we believe that the most consistent way to be responsible is to understand what is has already beenproduced.

Tell us about your latest collection.

There are no real collections yet (and who knows if they will ever exist). We love the transparencies, the splashes of color, the softness of the garment. And we look for that kind of comfort that embraces the body in all its movements: walking, dancing, staying in any place at ease. For now we focus on our expressive needs: for us knitwear is a little bit magical and a little liberating.

Fashion: an instrument of expression or a manifesto of intentions?

Both. A garment can embody an idea that can be shared by simply wearing it.