MAGAZINE January 15th, 2021


How was this new brand born?

"KOBF was the dissertation of my wife Marta Sanchez Castaneda, who is the designer of the brand. The project imagined how the society of 2050 would dress, in a real and not dystopian projection. Alas most of the studies do not foresee a bright future for humanity, with a dramatic worsening of pollution, plastic consumption. And also on a social level there will be a greater gap between developed and non-developed countries. These considerations made us decide to become a sustainable brand, after meeting our partners Luca and Manuela Trama."

How did you imagine your communication?

"The project aims to communicate sustainability in a contemporary, irreverent, "disruptive" way compared to what is expected from a sustainable brand. We want to convey sustainability in a very "understandable" language to a young audience. We want to tell young people that you can be a rebel, feel cool, dress oversized, do whatever your favorite rapper sings in his songs, but respecting the planet."

What were you inspired by for the collection? (Marta answers here)

"This collection is, once again, a social critique. Fear is becoming the new "normal" in a world besieged by violence, economic insecurity and political uncertainty. People look for results in alternative realities that defy moral conventions and that extrapolate the real situation making it dystopian but possible. People have a mild attraction to fear which prevents them from looking elsewhere. Like the Dark Art movement which tries to create discomfort in the viewer. It tries to question the viewer by showing him the reality as controversial or grotesque. That is why we want to create / recreate an alternative reality, a world that fluctuates between truth and fantasy, between virtual and physical, between past and future. For this reason we have partnered with the artist Wayne Horse, who has an anthropological vision of the human condition, which he considers defective, as well as its evolution. His work, like ours, is a social critique, like a real-life collage with fantastic additions."

What is sustainability for you?

"It is the awareness of having reached a limit where none can no longer think of having a lifestyle that damages the planet or is not in harmony with it. This is our home. And there is no point in damaging it. The way you dress, in everyday life, tells a lot about you, your mood and your personality. It is a creative expression that fascinates us enormously. We can no longer be unaware that the fashion industry, if managed irresponsibly, is extremely harmful for the planet. For us, working ethically is the only possible way."
What have you learned from 2020? What do you expect from 2021?

"Since 2020 I have had the confirmation that the difficult moments are those that teach you the most, if you have the strength to react. Because to get out of the storm you need to put an extra gear. That extra edge is what I've learned (and what I'm still learning)."