MAGAZINE June 18th, 2021



Marcello Pipitone was born in Milan, on the outskirts of zone 8 of the Gallarate district, in Bonola. It is no coincidence, in fact, that on his garments you can read his name and “Bonola” just under. Since childhood, he has deeply felt an irrepressible desire to compete, excel, surpass himself, find his own way of expression. First he tries with competitive sports - basketball and athletics - then, right after the artistic high school, he begins the journey of self-discovery with fashion design. "From one day to the next I started painting on T-shirts and I said to myself -WOW- with this job I will be able to vent all the worlds and ideas I have inside: that's what I want to do when I grow up".

When did you think about your own brand?

I founded my brand between the second and third year of university, but I already wanted it from high school because I felt I had a whole unexpressed creative universe inside.

What does sustainability mean for you?

It's a matter of lifestyle and (good) habits. I grew up in a family with this kind of approach, not sustainability understood as a sterile label but rather of a practical philosophy that can be summarized in the concept of respect and attention to free waste. I then found myself recycling because, basically, it is also convenient: I spend less and give more value to my research, in addition to the fact that a recovered garment already has a story to tell in itself that is nice to rediscover and enrich.

What other values ​​does your brand embrace?

I deeply feel the need to raise the image of the suburbs, not offering teenagers any chance of real social life. I would love to see people from other districts, coming to the suburbs and create situations and places of positive aggregation for local brains and sensibilities. Which are many, I promise, and have potential. But they usually struggle to express themselves.

Where does your production take place?

For a year and a half I have been making bespoke denim trousers, tops and jackets directly from home. Now I have an atelier and I also just made my first sample collection to start distributing - around the world - hopefully. I'm looking for a company that produces my collections.

Tell us a about your aesthetics.

A suburban story. Of great inspiration: red, basketball, motorcycles, Ferrari, the subway; transport, lines, contrasts. I have lived them in my life and I carry them inside. With my latest collection, (which in chronological order is the third but is the first one more complete), my need is to make people understand what colors, movement, combination of elements and a certain sense of aggression mean for me. When some suburban boys meet each other in the center of Milan, they dress in a certain flashy way: well, they do it because they have no other means stand out.

Make a wish.

I wish there were large collective workshops with very low fees for young designers who leave university and want to produce their line.



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