MAGAZINE June 18th, 2021



Can you tell us about the collection you present during WSM?

At WSM I will present some looks, made of customized vintage garments and accessories. All  processes are carried out in Tuscany, my native region and more precisely in Empoli where I have the majority of workshops. Here, all my ideas and designs pass to the expert hands of pattern makers, seamstresses and artisans. At the heart of each look, I wanted to include custom jeans, my trademark, as a key piece. All the materials used for my creations come from a careful evaluation and selection of vintage / second hand garments and recycled fabrics.

Sustainability is now a crucial issue for the fashion industry (and not only), from this point of view how does your brand stand?

Ever since I made my first reworked jeans in 2015, on a table in the attic of my old house, I've always been clear about the fact that reworking vintage garments was my way to the future! I take something that has already been produced and give it my point of view! This creates and strengthens the principle of the circular economy by reducing waste and eliminating production steps.

In the age of social media, non-stop communication and constant changes, what should a brand focus on to create its own space?

Personally, I am extremely tired of homologation and overproduction. With my community I often talk about these concepts and I try to educate on topics that are almost taken for granted but which in reality are not, not at all. Exactly, homologation ... every human being is different from the other in everything! Why should we dress the same way? Overproduction, if we continue like this everything dies! Already 10 years ago a 5-year-old boy was walking around in the clothes of his cousin or older brother. So for a brand I would say, a community based on true and solid values, sustainability and transparency! 

New projects on the way?

Many! I am a human being who strongly believes in growth and innovation achieved through ideas. Surely vintage jeans reworked in series (where each pair, even with the same model, is always different from the other as they are all unique pieces).