MAGAZINE January 14th, 2021


Tell us about your journey and how your reality was born

" Denim, whose name comes from the founders, the Parimbelli Cousins, is the brand of the company Fashion, born with the intention of offering products that come from a sustainable supply chain, particularly organic cotton denim. The first real product of Denim were the jeans, which at the beginning were very simple, almost without any logo. The initial scope was to understand if this type of garment could have been of interest, and indeed after a few years we realized that there was a potentially interesting market. When the brand was born in 2014, there was still very little awareness of the pollution caused by the fashion industry and consequently it was very difficult to find suppliers of organic fabrics and sustainable products. Nevertheless, we have managed to create a short and sustainable supply chain, respecting the environment and the workers who are part of it. Of course, there is still a long way to go to achieve a certain level of sustainability, so we are always trying to explore new possibilities allowing us to further reduce waste and pollution. One of the two founders, Matteo, has been working in the world of denim since 2006, specifically dealing with sales and development of Japanese artisan denim fabrics in the European market. Thanks to this experience he has had the opportunity to work closely with the best denim manufacturers in the world, deepening his knowledge in the development process from yarn, passing through weaving, up to dyeing and finishing. Through being in contact with various jeans manufacturers and the big Italian luxury brands, he became aware that both the selection of raw materials and the manufacturing process were not very sustainable. The other founder, Diego, was already working in sustainability at the time, so after long discussions and the desire to actively make a change in the fashion world, they came up with the idea of Denim. Obviously, not only was the creation of an eco-friendly product important, but they wanted to create a brand in which the individual artisanship was valued."

How do you maintain traditions while staying current?

"Through a contemporary and sustainable reinterpretation of timeless models."

Which are your iconic pieces that characterize your brand and how were they created?

"The brand’s iconic pieces include: 

- the Japanese handcrafted fabrics presented in the men’s collection, developed from the long experience acquired working closely together with the best Japanese artisans; 

- The high-waisted Straight model produced with non-stretch fabric which defines an authentic signature denim in the women’s collection.

- The Trucker jacket ready to wear all year round which worn with a pair of jeans finishes off any perfect outfit."

Which artisanal techniques are part of your heritage and you still use today?

"Despite what you might think, the fashion industry is not fully automated, because to finalize the various stages of manufacturing, almost all garments need to go through the hands of a craftsman . Thanks to the experience and the contacts acquired over the years, the founders can rely on a strong network with small craftsmen in the area of Bergamo. This brought about a new short, sustainable chain, directly managed in every production process: modeling, cutting, packaging, washing, ironing and testing."

What are your future projects and what strategies are you developing to overcome this moment?

"We are implementing the digital part, the customization of the garments and the re-engineering of the production chain."





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